Updated as at October 22, 2018

1. Has the drainage issue in front of Central been fixed?

The work on the drain in front of Central has been completed. The contractor is now monitoring the area to ensure the solution is fully functional. 

2. When is the new rain coverage going to be installed at the poolside?

The work on the rain coverage is scheduled to take place the last week of October. This work will be done at night over several nights. 

Updated as at September 6, 2018


1. When will the lobby bathrooms open?

The lobby bathrooms are part of TOP 3, which is currently being worked on. Based on our current schedule, these bathrooms are likely to open for use in Q1 2019. Additional bathrooms will be opened as part of the next TOP, TOP 2A. These outlets are scheduled to open in Q4 2018.

2. Why is the new banqueting space called the Galbraith Ballroom?

When our new banqueting space opens later this year it will have a new name, The Galbraith Ballroom. Named in honor of Francis Joseph Galbraith, the first US Ambassador to Singapore in 1966, The Galbraith Ballroom brings to life the rich shared history between Singapore and the USA; drawing a connection to America’s early contributions toward the development of Singapore. A career Foreign Service Officer and Southeast Asian specialist, Galbraith was a key participant in cementing strong American ties with Singapore in the latter’s formative years of independence, aiding the growth of flourishing US-Singapore relations we enjoy today. It was important to the Branding Committee to choose a name that reflected the relationship between America and Singapore, honoring both our home country and the country where we now make our home. We look forward to unveiling this new space later this year.

3. Why do we have built in hairdryers now? They don’t work well.

The built in hair dryers are required by code for wet spaces. In response to Member feedback about there not being enough hair dryers, we’ve added another hair dryer to the locker room.


4. Why do we have automatic sink faucets? I prefer the manual type.

Singapore’s new building code requires automatic faucets. This helps the country save water waste, so that taps are not inadvertently left on and running. Saving water is part of the Club's commitment to sustainability. 

Updated as at July 22, 2018


1. Is there a plan for an al fresco bar as part of the redevelopment?

There is no plan to create an al fresco bar as part of the redevelopment; however, the second level above the pool has been future-proofed for development if at some point membership decides to explore this.

2. The shower mixers do not seem properly fitted. Can this be fixed?
Thanks for letting us know. After we received your comment the construction team asked the supplier, TOTO, to come in and check all the existing shower mixers to ensure they were installed properly and are working correctly. TOTO made some adjustments to the mixers. Please let us know if you continue to face this issue by passing your feedback on to the duty manager or sending us an email at

3. The toilets in the female poolside bathroom seem to be mounted too high. Can this be checked and changed?

Thanks for your feedback. We double checked the BCA regulation height (480mm without the seat cover down) and the installation heights (480mm without the seat cover down and 500mm with the seat cover down) and the toilets in the female poolside changing room are compliant. 

Updated as at May 14, 2018


1. Who can attend the Gym Town Hall?
The Gym Town Hall is open to all Members in all membership categories.

2. I can't attend the Gym Town Hall but have feedback to submit about the new gym. Where can I send my feedback?

We’re happy to have your feedback. Please send your gym comments to and we will ensure these comments are incorporated into the feedback that is passed to the gym subcommittee as they work on the final gym layout. Comments should be sent by Thursday, May 17 at 5:00 p.m.


Updated as at April 14, 2018


  1. The bathroom on the right in the women’s spa changing room is way too small.

You are right, that cubicle on the right is tight. This was a construction issue that will be rectified by the contractor in the coming weeks. When the work is complete, both cubicles will be standard size with the one on the left being a handicapped toilet. The one on the right will gain several inches of space,

so you won’t have to squeeze. The contractor has ordered the materials to make this fix, and we anticipate receiving them in the next several weeks. When they are ready, this work will be done at night, so as not to disrupt Member usage. So the good news is, this is a temporary issue.

2. The faucet in the (pedicure) footbath juts out too far / hits my feet / is awkwardly placed. 

We are aware of the issue with the footbath faucets. We have ordered some special spa foot pillows that are made to fit the footbath and the faucet and we are hopeful that will alleviate this issue. We anticipate the delivery of these pillows in the next several weeks and will begin using them immediately upon their arrival.

3. Please add ottomans to the relaxation room.

The spa does an average of 128 services a day. In design consultation with the spa committee, this room was designed as a waiting room vs. a relaxation room due to the volume of appointments we do daily.

4. The timing of the spa doors is not right. They lag too much and people outside can see in.

We appreciate your feedback regarding the timing of the doors. Subsequent to receiving your comment, we adjusted the timing. We are also in the process of creating curtains for the space to offer greater privacy. The contractor has taken measurements and the curtains will be installed in the next several weeks.

5. Why did you decide to create all the small spaces in the spa instead of a more open concept?

•The Spa by code (Singapore government regulation) needs to reflect distinct areas for male and female usage. 

•The Spa Subcommittee together with the collated information from Spa focus groups and the feedback from regular users was that many liked the one and only “private room” on the far side at the at the old hair salon. The other two larger stations did not offer as much privacy. Members wanted to see that continue at the new spa. With that in mind, we offered 2 options, open spaces that maintain privacy as well as total privacy. 

•The private rooms that offer total privacy are used by many Members receiving a combination of services including nails and hair / massage and hair or facial and hair.

6. Why are there so many auto doors in the spa?

The auto doors have received positive feedback from Members that have been using the spa for the past several weeks. While it may take a little getting use to, Members find it very convenient when they have bags with them and a press of the door button helps with ease. This also helps when we have older Members using walking sticks.

7. Why did you go with bench seating instead of individual chairs in the mani / pedi area?

Prior to 2013, the spa chairs were bench style. When we launched new seating in 2013 with chairs specific for the purpose imported from the US to Singapore, we received feedback that the preference was still the bench seats, and if we renovated, Members would like us to revert to bench seats again. This was discussed at the Committee and focus groups asking for opinions in 2016. Members did not mind either configuration, but they wanted more chairs then the last nail salon (4). In order to have a total of 6 mani/pedi chairs in there, the bench seat setting was the best way to go. There are cushions currently in the spa to help with different styles of lumbar support. The spa team has shared that while the majority of the Members are enjoying the seating, we have received feedback that some are not feeling comfortable. We continue to collect feedback and are reviewing the options available.

Updated as at April 3, 2018


1. How long will Central have 50% off?

You’ll be able to enjoy 50% off until April 8. Enjoy!

2. Are there going to be fans on the pool deck?

Yes, there will be fans on the trellis and in the Central outdoor seating area. These fans have not been installed yet, but we’re continuing to work on the spaces, so you can anticipate seeing them in the coming weeks.

3. There are not enough lockers in the changing rooms. What will happen when the pool opens?

We’ll be adding additional lockers to the pool deck area—this has always been part of the plan. We are awaiting delivery and installation of the lockers, so keep your eyes peeled!

4. The walkway to the opposite side of the pool deck to go down the elevator is narrow. How are we supposed to use it when The Club fully opens?

As additional TOPs happen in the coming months, there will be other internal routes to the Scotts Road side of the building. You will not need to go by the pool if you don’t want to.

5. The temporary walls where the lobby used to be and near the Union Bar are so plain and dull. Can you liven them up somehow?

Yes, we’ve got some great Member photos that will be adorning those walls in the coming weeks. The “decorations" need to be adjustable as those walls will move during this phase as the lobby is worked on. Look for some smiling faces soon :) The wall that is blocking off Thyme will also have a colorful mural painted by young Members in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in having your child take part, please contact the Youth Desk for more details.

6. Thank you for all your hard work; my family appreciates it. The new spaces look great, and I'm excited to see the rest of The Club when it opens.

Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to the dozens of Members who have volunteered countless hours to this project, as well as our management, staff, and consultants. We’re looking forward to seeing them as much as you are!

7. During the redevelopment the group fitness classes have been moved to the Youth Zone. For the next two weeks no classes will be held as there are Camps being run for kids on Spring Break and they need the space. Is this going to happen for the Summer break as well? If so, what is The Club planning to do as an alternative for those Members who will be missing out on the group fitness classes? Not everyone leaves Singapore during the summer break.

The short answer to your question is we don’t know at this point how many fitness classes in the Youth space will take place during the summer camp period, as the camp schedule of activities has not been finalized yet.


Not to worry, however. Our team has been working hard to create alternative plans that include spinning classes at The Tanglin Club, a robust aqua fitness schedule once the pool opens, the possible addition of outdoor yoga classes, and possible other additions as well. At this point, we are still in the planning phase of many of these initiatives, but as soon as we have more details and schedules, we will be sharing them with Members via the eblast. 


We know health and fitness is important to our Members, and we’ve got a great team working to create a solution that offers fitness and variety. Stay tuned for more details!

Updated as at March 30, 2018


1. The opacity of the shower doors in the poolside changing room is lacking. Can this please be addressed?

Yes, we’ll be installing an additional layer of frosted film in the showers this week to increase opacity.

2. Why have the amenities in the poolside changing room been removed?

We have put the amenities in the new changing rooms. You’ll find plastic bags, powder, deoderant, shower caps, hair spray, Q-tips, and mouth wash in there. To keep the changing rooms safe for children, razors can be picked up from the Aquatics Counter.

3. The showers in the changing rooms are either really hot or really cold. They need to be recalibrated. Please fix this.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As soon as we heard from you, we reached out to the contractor.  Parts have been ordered and work will begin this weekend to fix the issue. We will be monitoring the situation next week, so please approach our staff if there continues to be an issue.

4. Can you please install mats in the changing rooms? The floors are slippery.

The changing rooms are equipped with R11 tiling, which is a safety rated non-slip flooring for wet spaces. 

5. Is it possible to get more hair dryers in the women's changing rooms?

Currently there are no additional outlets in the women’s changing rooms to plug in additional hair dryers. This is something that is being reviewed by the Project Control Group, as additional work would be required. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

6. The hooks in the changing rooms are wobbly. Can they be fixed?

 We've tightened them up! Please let us know if you continue to have an issue.

Updated as at March 6, 2018


1. How big is the temporary gym?

The temporary gym is almost the same size as our existing gym. It will be approximately 75% of our current gym space with the majority of the space loss due to the studio. We will be moving over 80% of our gym equipment into the new space including 31 of 37 cardio machines and 21 of 25 free weights and benches. We will also be able to provide 90% of our current group fitness schedule to Members—a mix of classes at The Club and at other locations. The temporary gym has a single-floor layout and a central walkway running the width of the space to make navigation safer and easier than our current gym layout.

2. Will The 2nd Floor be serving a limited Eagle's Nest menu while the Nest is closed?
No, The 2nd Floor will continue to offer its existing menus when the Eagle’s Nest closes. It will also have a children’s menu, a breakfast menu, and an limited Union Bar menu during tea time (2:30-5 p.m.).

3. Where can my kids eat now that the Eagle's Nest is closed?

Children are welcome to eat on The 2nd Floor at any time during opening hours. We have a children’s menu available and a relaxed dress code applies during this phase of the redevelopment.

Updated as at February 5, 2018


1 / 2/ 3 / 4. When will the pool / spa / Grillhouse / Central open?

We do not have an opening date for the any of our new outlets. An official announcement of timing will be sent out via the eblast when it is confirmed. The Club is currently in the process of going through inspections as part of our TOP (temporary occupancy permit) application. The Club must pass all inspections before we are able to move into newly constructed spaces. Because this process is currently ongoing, we are unable to give Members firm dates regarding new outlet openings, the migration schedule, or closures of outlets. As soon as inspections are passed, paperwork is completed, and we are granted our TOP, we will release a full migration schedule to Members. 

5. I heard the "insert outlet name" will open on "insert date." Is that true?

Any dates you are currently hearing are speculation. No dates are confirmed, as we are in the process of getting our TOP. Once the TOP process is complete and The Club has been awarded our TOP, we will release a full schedule of dates via the eblast and the information board near Thyme. All official communication about the redevelopment takes place through these channels.

6. Are there plans to have a basketball court (full or half court) as part of the redevelopment plans?
Yes, you’ll be pleased to know we will have a basketball shooting area in front of the Scotts Road side of the building as part of the project. This area will be located outside of the youth studios.

7. Is it possible to open up another viewing porthole now that the construction blocks the view from the landing between the Lobby and Level 2?
We are currently in the TOP approval process, so the construction portion of this phase of the project (and the part that is visible from the viewing portholes) is almost complete; therefore, we won’t be opening any new portholes. But we totally understand your curiosity to see what’s happening on site, so stay tuned for detailed looks inside the outlets in the coming days and weeks. We’ll give you an insider’s view into the new outlets so that you can see how everything is developing!

8. Will personal training be available at the temporary gym?

Yes, we will still be providing personal training sessions at the temporary gym.

Updated as at January 15, 2018



1. When will the migration of services happen?

The earliest the migration will happen is one week after the start of Chinese New Year; however, the specific dates for the migration will not be announced until early February. This is due to the fact that the migration is contingent upon Phase 3 TOP by the authorities. The TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) inspection is the end of January. Once the TOP has been granted, we can move forward with the next phase of the project. If the authorities do not grant the TOP at the end of January, the migration dates will shift backward until the TOP is granted. We will update Members as soon as we have a final schedule. Due to the tenuous nature of these dates, some outlets may not accept bookings or may caution Members that their booking may be cancelled contingent upon the migration. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

2. What outlets will be closing in the next phase of the redevelopment?

With the completion of Phase 3 in sight, we are in full preparation to begin Phases 4 and 5 of the project. These phases include the Kid’s Club and studios, Union Bar, banquet facilities, gym, bowling alley, Eagle’s Nest, lobby, travel desk, and Claymore entrance. As the migration dates become finalized, we will release a complete schedule of closings and openings, so that you can plan accordingly.

Updated as at January 9, 2018


1. Will there be a temporary gym while the existing gym is redeveloped?

Yes! We’ll be constructing a temporary gym facility in the new Scotts Road building while our current gym is undergoing redevelopment. We’ll be sharing the layout of this temporary space soon, so that you can plan your workouts accordingly. The migration from the current gym to the temporary one will happen after Chinese New Year. Stay tuned for more details.

2. Will there be a Member entrance on Scotts Road when it opens?

Yes, Members will be able to enter via Scotts Road when the building opens. There will be two turnstiles that will work by Membership card; one for pedestrians, and one that will accommodate Members with strollers and bicycles.

Updated as at December 4, 2017


1. We have heard the Eagle’s Nest will close temporarily next year but have heard conflicting stories about timing. What is the current plan?

Yes, the Eagle’s Nest will close for a period of time next year as it is being redeveloped. We currently do not have a detailed timeline, as we are in the middle of the migration planning for the entire phase of the project; however, as soon as we have all the confirmed dates they will be communicated to Members.

2. Are we changing the name Thyme to Central? If so why? We have gotten used to Thyme and it sounds classier than Central, which is so commonly used. For your consideration. 

Yes, you are correct. We are changing the name of Thyme to Central when it opens in its new location in 2018. This is in line with the overall Club branding exercise, which is being led by DIA, The Club’s branding consultant, in conjunction with management, committee Members, and consultants. Most of our new outlets will have new decor, new offerings, and new names to fit with their new look and feel. (The Union Bar will retain its name and general look and feel due to extensive Member feedback.) Central was picked as a name for many reasons including its new central location, and the fact that it really serves as a hub for many Members to meet and relax—think Central Park. 


We are hopeful that given time Members will enjoy the names of our new outlets. 

Updated as at November 8, 2017



1. My family signed the pool piece that was in the lobby a few weeks ago. Will we be able to see it when we swim in the new pool?

No, you won’t be able to see your name on the pool, as it forms part of the shell of the pool. This shell, once assembled on site, will be tiled over. However, you can swim in the pool knowing your name is part of the foundation!

2. Will we be voting for any other new outlet design concepts?

Yes, we’ll be conducting a vote on our new youth space next, so stay tuned for that!

Updated as at October 14, 2017


Will there be healthy options at Grillhouse?

Yes, we’ll be including healthy and delicious items on the Grillhouse menu such as salads and wraps. In addition, our new cafe, Central, has indoor and outdoor seating near the pool and will provide a wide-range of healthy options including prepared salads, sandwiches, and wraps.

Will there be vegetarian options at Grillhouse?

Yes, we’ll have veggie options too! We’re working hard to incorporate the unique wood-smoked flavor into our vegetarian items as well, so that everyone can enjoy the delicious and unique tastes we are developing.


Will we be using green packaging when Grillhouse opens?

We currently use recyclable plastic containers for our takeaway orders, and as our new outlets open, we will be purchasing new recyclable packaging to use. After quite a bit of research by our Purchasing team, unfortunately, we cannot afford biodegradable packing due to the high cost and our volume of orders.


When will Grillhouse open?

Grillhouse is scheduled to be handed over by the construction team and open in Q1 of 2018. We don’t have a specific date yet, but we will keep Members informed as the schedule is firmed up.

Updated as at October 10, 2017


1. When will The Club have clarity on the variance orders outlined in the executive summary?

The project team hopes to have clarity on some of the larger variance orders within the next six weeks; however, since these items are beyond the team’s control, it could be longer / shorter. Updates will be shared with membership.

2. Can you include the health check and executive summary on all your eblasts?

Yes, we will start including them on more eblasts going forward. The health check and executive summary do not change within the month, only at the start of the month, so depending on the eblast content, at times it is left off due to length.

3. Will you be releasing the results of the Central vote?

Yes, we will! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks. The results will be posted on the information board and sent out via the eblast.

4. When will the next phase of the redevelopment be delivered and opened for Members? What is included in that phase?

The next phase of the redevelopment includes the pools, Grillhouse restaurant, spa, and Central. Based on the current timeline, we anticipate these will be delivered by the construction team and opened to Members in Q1 of 2018. 

5. Why are improvements still being made to Level 3 when it was handed over by the construction team a year ago?

As part of the contract and as typical of a construction project, once the construction team hands over a space, a list of defects identified at the time of handover is drawn up by The Club and the Consultant teams detailing items that are not working or that were not completed to our satisfaction. The construction team then has a one-year defects liability period to fix any identified defects within the space. At the end of this period, if there are still outstanding defects, the defects liability period for the identified items will be extended until the construction team fixes them, or pays the bill for a third party to fix them.  

Updated as at September 21, 2017


1. I wanted to share what our developed club would look like eventually but could not find a place online that shows the plan of the new pool and its surrounding area. Could you please advise where I can view the conceptual designs.

Click here to see some of the outlet renderings. Enjoy!

 2. I ate at the Eagle's Nest today with guests. Beautify the plain hoarding please.

We are in the process of creating images of our poolside, Grillhouse, and bird's eye view renderings that will be placed on the hoarding. These should be installed next week. Keep your eyes peeled!

Updated as at September 8, 2017


1. Why are we using plastic straws, cups, and bags? Why not paper straws or NO straws, paper cups, biodegradable bags, or The American Club cloth/recyclable bags?

This is something we are currently looking into and will slowly introduce as our new restaurant concepts open. As you may expect, the biodegradable products come with a significant increase to cost, so this is something that needs to be managed effectively.

2. Great to see the feedback on Level 3 and the generally positive comments – in the interest of a balanced discussion, can you also share the comments relating to constructive feedback as well?

You will see the constructive comments along with The Club's responses on the boards in the lobby or on our microsite under the heading: Comments and Responses on L3 Survey. Due to the amount of feedback we received, we grouped the comments into categories, at times showing a variety of viewpoints, and then responded accordingly. We will continue to respond to feedback and share it with membership in the coming weeks.

Updated as at August 7, 2017


1. Can you please put closed captioning on the TVs on Level 3? This will allow Members to read the news.
Unfortunately, closed captioning is not available with our service provider. 


2. Why do Members use their laptops at the Mac stations on Level 3?

As a courtesy to other Members, and since there are only two Mac workstations on Level 3, we ask those with a laptop to either work at one of the bring-your-own-laptop stations, at the large table in the Library, or in the Commons area. Level 3 was designed as a fluid space, so there are several areas where laptop work is possible.

Updated as at July 12, 2017


1. Will you be posting the results of the Level 3 survey?

Yes, we will. You can check out an overview of the survey results on the information board outside of Thyme Cafe. We will also be posting in depth responses to some of your more pressing questions and feedback in the weeks to come. Stay tuned! 

2. My college pennant is already up in the Union Bar, do I need to bring another one?

Yes, we encourage you to bring a new pennant even if yours is already displayed for two reasons: 1. In the move to the new space, we cannot guarantee that your existing college pennant will not be damaged. 2. The new Union Bar is considerably larger and thus, has more wall space to fill, so we’d love to have as many pennants as possible.

Updated as at June 6, 2017


1. Why did The Club change the plans for the Union Bar walk through?

The Club became aware that some Members were unhappy about having the UB be a thoroughfare for Members, guests, and children walking between areas of The Club. With this new plan, The Club is able to minimize disruption to Members in the bar, while creating a safe and viable alternative for everyone else navigating The Club.


2. When will The Club be creating this new corridor?

Work on the space will begin June 12 and be conducted over several nights to minimize Member inconvenience and operational disruption.


3. How is the small corridor being created?

The external wall of the UB (the shared wall with the linkway) will be repositioned to create a 1.2m-wide, approximately 5m-long corridor along the linkway. The main door of the UB will also be repositioned and The Club will be installing a new door, so that we can preserve our existing door for the new UB location. This work will be conducted at night to minimize Member inconvenience and operational disruption.


4. What will happen to the existing UB door once it is removed?

The existing Union Bar door will be put in storage so that it can be used in the new UB location in 2018. The decision was made not to reinstall the door for this relatively short period of time so that it would not sustain any damage.


5. Will the big screen remain in the Union Bar?

Yes! We will be keeping all our screens in the bar--so you can still watch your favorite games--we’ll just be moving two of them. The big screen will move to an area near the main entrance, and one of the large flat screen TVs will move behind the bar for convenient viewing.

6. Will the look and feel of the Union Bar remain the same after this corridor is created?

The Club’s goal is to retain the look and feel of the bar as much as possible during this short interim period. A brick patterned wall covering will be installed on the internal UB wall and pennants will be rehung so that the space looks as close to the existing wall as possible.


7. What time will the Union Bar doors be open in the morning once the new corridor is created? 

The Union Bar will maintain its existing hours but will open its doors at 8:00 a.m. daily


8. Can I still sit in the Union Bar if I ordered from Thyme but there is no available seating in Thyme?

Yes, we’d love to welcome you to the Union Bar. Our team knows you might sit in the bar with your Thyme purchase and that’s okay with us.


9. I typically sit in Thyme cafe or the linkway after I work out. Is there a dress code for the Union Bar? 

As per the current policy, we ask all Members to respect other individuals and change out of their wet sports attire before sitting in the Union Bar. 

10. Will the Travel Desk remain open during this time?

Yes, there will be no disruption to the Travel Desk operations during this time.

11. How will I get from the Upper Carpark to the Eagle’s Nest?

If you park in the Upper Carpark, you can either enter The Club through the main entrance; or enter near essentials (our convenience shop), walk up the stairs, walk down the small hallway adjacent to Thyme café, and enter the new small corridor which will be located near the existing UB entrance.

12. How do I get from the main entrance to the carpark?

You can either walk the route described above in question 12, or you can walk out the main entrance to the carpark directly. We will have several Club umbrellas to help you make the journey to/from the carpark if it’s raining.


13. What will happen to the art pieces on the linkway wall?

These art pieces will be relocated to Level 3 during this interim period.


14. How long will this corridor be in place?

This new corridor will be in place until early 2018, when the new building opens.

Updated as at May 22, 2017



1. I understand that the new gym will be located at the current level. Will it be accessible by a lift / elevator? Currently I have to climb down and up three flights of stairs to get to it from the first floor.

You’ll be happy to know that yes, our new gym will be accessible by elevator! 

2. I enjoy our new library. The extra chairs and tables are welcome additions. I like going into the library and do some quiet reading. However, I noticed that it can get extremely noisy in there especially on weekends. You have people carrying on conversations and students being tutored. I find the latter especially annoying. I asked one of the library staff whether all this chattering and tutoring is allowed and much to my surprise she said it was. Libraries are supposed to be a quiet and tranquil place where we can read a book or a magazine in peace and quiet. Can you please clarify what exactly is the policy? Surely, if people want to talk or be tutored they should go outside to the lobby. There are also chairs and tables there.

Like most libraries, our library is a low volume conversation space. This was discussed extensively at our Member focus groups, where this decision was made. For this reason, we do allow tutoring to be carried on here, as long as students remain at low volume. If they don’t, our staff will approach them to lower their voices. 


If you are looking for a silent space, where talking is not allowed, you may enjoy some of the soft seating in the Business Center. There are comfy chairs by the windows that would be ideal for reading. This space is a no conversation space, as decided by our Member focus groups.

Updated as at May 9, 2017


1. What time will the Union Bar doors be open in the morning once the accesses to the linkway is closed? 

Beginning in mid-June, the Union Bar doors will open at 7:00 a.m. to allow access from the Upper Carpark into the main clubhouse. Please note the bar will not be staffed at this time, as our team arrives at 10:30 a.m. 

2. I know the Union Bar has a no children policy. How will this change, if at all, in mid-June? 

The Union Bar will remain an adult-only space as per the by-laws. However, children (with an accompanying adult) will be able to walk through the space to get to the other side of the clubhouse. Children are not allowed to sit or remain in the Union Bar.

3. I typically sit in Thyme cafe or the linkway after I work out. Is there a dress code for the Union Bar? 

As per the current policy, we ask all Members to respect other individuals and change out of their wet sports attire before sitting in the Union Bar. 


4. Will the big screen remain in the Union Bar?

Yes! We will be keeping all our screens in the bar--so you can still watch your favorite games--we’ll just be moving two of them. The big screen will move to the wall on the left as you currently enter from the main entrance. This will allow people to enter/exit the bar without obstructing the screen. One of the large flat screen TVs will also be moving behind the bar for convenient viewing.

5. Can I still sit in the Union Bar if I ordered from Thyme but there is no available seating in Thyme?

Yes, we’d love to welcome you to the Union Bar. Our team knows you might sit in the bar with your Thyme purchase and that’s okay with us.

6. When will you put the new doorway in next to the Travel Desk?

This door will be created and be operational in mid-June. The work to create this entrance will be done at night, so that clubhouse operations are not disturbed.

7. Will the Travel Desk remain open during this time?

Yes, there will be no disruption to the Travel Desk operations during this time.

8. How will I get from the Upper Carpark to the Eagle’s Nest?

If you park in the Upper Carpark, you can either enter The Club through the main entrance; or enter near essentials (our convenience shop), walk up the stairs, enter the bar through the back entrance/main entrance, and then walk through the bar and out the new door next to the Travel Desk.

9. How do I get from the main entrance to the carpark?

You can either walk the route described above in question 8, or you can walk out the main entrance to the carpark directly. We will have several Club umbrellas to help you make the journey to/from the carpark if it’s raining.


10. How long will this system be in place?

This new Union Bar entry/exit will be in place until early 2018, when the new building opens.


Updated as at April 27, 2017



1. In the new coffee shop, can you please provide silverware, rather than the plastic ware? Thanks!

The new "Grab & Go" concept (currently known as Thyme Cafe) will be a much larger and more comfortable space with both indoor and outdoor seating. Once this space opens, dine-in items will be served with silverware and on plates.

2. I recently visited The Club for dinner with my family and had to use the "nursing room." This so-called room is very uncomfortable. Will this room be addressed in the redevelopment? I understand it may not be a high use area, but it's pathetic. This area greatly effects my usuage of The Club.

We’re sorry your recent experience didn’t live up to your expectations; we apologize for that. You’ll be pleased to know that we do indeed have a new, larger nursing room planned as part of the redevelopment. It will be located off the main lobby to provide easy access for busy moms and dads. The type of chair and changing table in the current room were recommended by several Members over the years, but if you have any recommendations on how to improve the space going forward, we’d be happy to hear them!

Updated as at March 16, 2017



1. May I know when the Gym and 2nd Floor will be effected by construction? Will they be closed for a certain period?

You will be pleased to know that there are currently no plans to close the Gym or the 2nd Floor this calendar year. Work in both spaces will take place in 2018 and will likely include a closure period, however, that phase of the project migration has not been finalized yet, so we have no dates or specific plans to share at this point. When the gym is closed for redevelopment, we will have a temporary space open on-site so that Members can continue to work out. Once we have additional information, we will be sure to share it with Members (though this will likely not be until early 2018 at the earliest). 

2. I saw on your recent voting ballot that you are going to call the new Thyme Cafe “Grab and Go.” That is a terrible name; it sounds like a gas station. Not classy at all. Please reconsider.

Thanks for your feedback. You’ll be happy to hear we are not calling our new Thyme Cafe “Grab and Go.” This is a generic industry term that we are using as a place holder when we discuss the space; similar to how the Eagle’s Nest can also be referred to as “All Day Dining.” Thyme Cafe will be renamed as part of the redevelopment, but no name has been discussed or finalized yet. For the rest of 2017, Thyme will remain where it is currently located and continue to be called Thyme.

3. The banquet seating in the new Thyme Cafe is not very friendly for guests or servers—see the 2nd Floor. Small, round tables are useful and friendly—allows adding chairs when needed.

The seating mix and outlet design for the new Thyme Cafe was done by EDG, our food and beverage outlet consultants. In its new iteration, Thyme will continue to be a self-service outlet, so unlike The 2nd floor, we won’t have servers. When EDG looked at the outlet, they decided to use banquets in some spaces to maximize the seating capacity, as this outlet is very popular with Members. There is a mix of table seating and styles and there are some round tables included in the design both inside and in the alfresco area in the new Thyme space.


Updated as at February 10, 2017


1. Please be careful with color choice in kids' area in particular.  Do not use red, red/orange, etc. Take a lesson from another high-end club in the region that underwent a significant redevelopment that certain colors do impact moods and behaviors. Use colors that will encourage the type of behavior you'd prefer in that space.At that club, in the family dining area, they used many of the bright colors your designer has selected including a broad use of red.  That dining area is always negative energy/chaos, very unpleasant. Our family stopped using that facility because of it. My husband, an MIT-trained architect, said a big part was a reflection of the design. Good luck and keep up the great work.

You make a great point. You’ll be pleased to know that in general, we have stayed away from harsher colors like reds and oranges. The area in the youth space that Member's voted on is one portion of the overall youth area. It is the soft seating area for videos. The red/orange fabric sample you are referring to (and which was a part of the winning option) will only be a portion (about 1/4) of the wall tiling in this area. The soft seating that won was the turquoise/lime green color.  


The majority of the youth space is in a cool color palette of blues, greens, and purples. And these colors are mostly on the floor of the space and accent colors.

2. Can I check on the Men’s Spa?  I was told that the new men’s Spa would not have any increase in showers over the current one. Two showers are needed. Over the holidays The Club ran a promotion so more men used the Spa. I had to queue to use the shower. It’s bad when someone wants to take a 20-minute shower. Two showers would solve this.  

What you heard is true; the new spa design only has one shower in the men’s locker room. This decision was made based on the long-term usage patterns of this space. For example, in December 2016 and January 2017 the spa delivered approximately 70 men’s massages each month. (This is during the holiday period and includes our special $68 massage promotion.) Out of those two months, the 70 massages were delivered on 26 days—so there were 4 and 5 days in November and December respectively that no men’s massages were given. In addition, on most days when we have multiple men’s massages, they are spread throughout the course of the day—so someone might come at 11:00, 2:00, 4:30, and 7:00, which is why Members typically don’t have to wait for showers.

On January 1, the day you came for your massage, we had the unusual situation of having 5 men’s massages from between 10:00 a.m. to your appointment at 4:30. The appointments were very close in timing. This is atypical usage for the spa and was likely the situation due to the PH that day. 

As we were planning the layout of the new spa, we worked extremely closely with the Senior Director of Club Services, who oversees the spa, and the Spa Committee to ensure that we were getting the mix of spaces within the spa correct and allocating the ideal amount of space to each area. We hope that as we share the renderings of this space in the coming weeks that you are pleased with what you see. 

We apologize for the delay that day at the spa and for the inconvenience caused.

3. I voted for the function room design I preferred.  They are all nice if similar.  More importantly it is a very corporate feel.  What about that design says to me “I am in the American Club”? Please give more consideration to how we can use the redevelopment design process to brand our Club more visibly as the The American Club.

Your feelings are certainly shared by other Members and are something that are brought up regularly in the Project Stakeholder Group meetings. Members want The Club to feel homey, comfortable, and American. This is something we are trying to achieve through the selection of furniture and finishings, menu items, branding, and unique touches added throughout The Club. It is also a key reason why we invited Members to vote on aspects of the design. We want this to be a Club that feels like home to as many Members as possible.

The function room does have some limitations in terms of an American feel, as like any function space, we need a room that provides a base to be flexible in terms of usage so that we can hold business events, Sunday brunch, Club parties, birthday parties, weddings, and various other events. Because the room is divisible into two or four spaces, we also need a design that allows that as well.

Updated as at January 26, 2017


1. We are very excited and supportive of the development going on at our Club! Thank you very much for all your excellent efforts and dedication to make this work a success. As an idea, would it be possible to review Wi-Fi capabilities and capacities and if needed upgrade it to better support ever-increasing streaming needs as well as all new Members whom we look forward to welcoming soon!

Thanks so much for your compliments; we appreciate them and will be sure to pass them on to the team. You’ll be pleased to know we have already been doing some wi-fi adjustments to better manage our capacity. For example, on Level 3, the dedicated broadband was upgraded 2.5 times from 40Mbps to 100Mbps, and we replaced the bandwidth management equipment to manage the higher bandwidth. The bandwidth management system helps to manage the bandwidth, so that every Member should get enough bandwidth for surfing and streaming; it also helps prevent network congestion. We regularly review our bandwidth chart, which consistently shows network efficiency at 100% (even at the highest usage we have ever monitored --news streaming toward the end of the US presidential election). Based on our bandwidth chart, our average network usage is currently 40%. This is something we will continue to monitor so that we can manage our capacity as effectively as possible.


Next up, Red Technology will double the number of current Wi-Fi access points from 24 to 50 units to better manage more connections from mobile devices across a larger floor area.

2. I am an Associate Member. Am I allowed to vote for the Function Room and Youth Space designs?

Absolutely! We want you and your spouse to both vote. Voting is open to all main Members and their spouses in all membership categories—Ordinary, Service, Term, Associate, and Transferable Associate. So take a look at the boards in the lobby or visit the link in the eblast and submit your ballot today. Voting closes February 3 at 5:00 p.m., so hurry!

3. Will you share the results of the design votes?

We’ll definitely be sharing the results! Check out upcoming eblasts and the redevelopment board for the winners. Stay tuned...

Updated as at January 14, 2016


1. I like the new carpets in the lobby area of Level 3. They look great and make the space feel homier. Nice job.

Thanks for the compliment; we appreciate it. We like the carpets too; they give the space a warm, welcoming feel that fits the homier atmosphere we’re trying to create.

2. When will the new pool open?

We’re excited for the new pool too! We are hoping that it will open in the first half of 2018, pending government approval. We’ll keep you updated as we get more information closer to the date.

3. There is limited seating in Thyme. Where can I sit if it's full and there is no linkway seating?

We appreciate your patience during this transitional time. If you are unable to find a seat at Thyme, please feel free to take your purchase to the Union Bar and enjoy it there. Our staff know to expect you and will welcome you to take a seat.

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Updated as at December 8, 2016


1. Thyme cafe has gotten really crowded since the closing of the Scotts side.  Have you thought about putting outdoor seating either on the second floor porch overlooking Claymore Hill or outside in the front side of Claymore Hill.  It would be a nice spot for a coffee and would be lovely with an umbrella for shade.  

As you’ve probably guessed, we’re trying to add a bit more seating to the smaller seating area we have now that the linkway is closed. Unfortunately, seating on the Second Floor deck isn’t possible due to the fact that the outlet doesn’t open until 11am and then is closed 3-5pm, and we would need to staff the area during those times as well. 


The idea of outdoor tables at Claymore was explored in depth by our senior management team over the past several weeks, but unfortunately, it was ultimately decided that The Club would not move forward with it. The biggest obstacle was the change of use application that needed to be submitted to and approved by the URA, as the space would technically become an alfresco area. This approval would be difficult to obtain and was the primary reason for not moving forward; however, there were other concerns such as security and maintenance that were also taken into consideration as well.

That said, we now have the squash gallery area for Members who would like to hangout with a coffee or just be outside for a chat. It is available all day and may be used by all Members.


2. For the renovation, I would suggest building the new Colonial Room on a higher floor with windows. I heard the original plan was to move it to the basement. I’ve been to many functions at the old Colonial Room and I think it would make the place feel like a dungeon if it was built in the basement.

The new function room space has been located on the lower level; and at this point in the design development, it is too late to move it. (Outlet locations were locked in during the Master Plan phase, which closed when the plans were approved by GC this summer.) That said, the new function room does benefit from an outdoor space that can be used as a pre-function area or for a bar set up for the cocktail portion of an event. We are hopeful that this will eliminate a “dungeon” feeling; Members who have been involved in the design of the space to date feel that this gives it a fresh feeling.

3. Can the 2nd Floor also be opened and made more relaxed for family meals.  The 2nd Floor seems so empty and under-utilized for lunch and early dinners.  The 2nd Floor terrace is also way under-utilized.

We are exploring your idea and have begun gathering data around allowing children under 12 in the restaurant for an additional 30 minutes (up until 8:30 p.m.) in a move designed to make the restaurant more family-friendly. Once we have collected the necessary data, if it looks positive, we will then need to pass it through the Rules Committee for a bylaw change. We will keep Members updated if this process is successful.


4. On the lobby schematic design, it looks very nice, but too corporate/formal/hotel-like. The design should feel more like a second home. Sweeping, dramatic staircases with ultra-modern lighting feels anything but homey.

 The lobby is still in the design development phase and updates are still being made. You will see further iterations of the design as the process progresses.  Your comments regarding the stairway have been passed on to our management and project stakeholder group, which reviews the designs, for the their consideration.


5. Will there be healthy options at Grillhouse?

Yes, we’ll be including healthy and delicious items on the Grillhouse menu such as salads and wraps. In addition, our new cafe, Central, has indoor and outdoor seating near the pool and will provide a wide-range of healthy options including prepared salads, sandwiches, and wraps.

6. Will there be vegetarian options at Grillhouse?

Yes, we’ll have veggie options too! We’re working hard to incorporate the unique wood-smoked flavor into our vegetarian items as well, so that everyone can enjoy the delicious and unique tastes we are developing.

7. Will we be using green packaging when Grillhouse opens?

We currently use recyclable plastic containers for our takeaway orders, and as our new outlets open, we will be purchasing new recyclable packaging to use. After quite a bit of research by our Purchasing team, unfortunately, we cannot afford biodegradable packing due to the high cost and our volume of orders.

8. When will Grillhouse open?

Grillhouse is scheduled to be handed over by the construction team and open in Q1 of 2018. We don’t have a specific date yet, but we will keep Members informed as the schedule is firmed up.


Updated as at November 8, 2016


1. Is there a jacuzzi in the new design?

No, there is no jacuzzi planned for either the gym or the pool area as part of the redevelopment. The gym will have a steam room in each of the male and female changing rooms. The pool deck on the second level has been future-proofed for a jacuzzi, so one could be installed at a later date; however, no jacuzzi is currently planned for that area.


2. Why doesn't the new Level 3 have an area for Members to play bridge, mahjong, or chess? The business center space seems very large and not having these small game rooms for Members seems like a big miss for a prestigious club like ours.

The design for the new Level 3 was driven by 15 years of Member surveys and redevelopment feedback channels including Town Halls, the post-it note exercise, feedback sessions, surveys, and Member focus groups. The types of facilities you mention did not receive much feedback from Members and were not included in the design for that reason. The design was developed and reviewed periodically with Member focus groups prior to being tendered for construction. The Level 3 design was never meant to be a multi-purpose space for classes/activities. 


In the past, The Club has partnered with the American Women’s Association (AWA) to offer bridge events, as we do not have enough interested Members to run such activities ourselves. That said, in the future our new banqueting space will have the ability to set up for bridge, mahjong, and card games. 

3. I enjoy eating out with my entire family when I am in town. I want to take advantage of The Club but we are so tired of eating at Eagle's Nest and like a casual environment. Please open the option of the Union Bar to families. We have always enjoyed going to a pub together and watching sports while having wings or burgers. Every other dining pub in town will allow families.

Based on some feedback from another Member, we had sent a similar question to yours to our Social and Dining Committee for their comments to see if there was an appetite to allow children into the Union Bar on an ad hoc basis for key sporting events. Children are currently not allowed in the bar as part of our bylaws. The Committee’s view was that it should remain an adult-only venue, so children will not be allowed in the UB for dining only. That said, for bigger sporting events we are exploring venues for family viewing, so that families can watch together. 

4. It seems that Members in the Business Center "chope" (reserve) spaces all day even when they go to lunch or step out for extended periods of time. This doesn't seem right; others want to use the space too. Is there a rule regarding this?

Members who leave their personal items unattended at a workstation for more than 15 minutes will have them removed by a member of staff for safekeeping. If you notice that someone has done this and you need to use a workstation, please approach our staff for help.

Updated as at October 20, 2016


1. How big is the main pool in the new design?

The main pool will be 25m long making it ideal for swimming lessons, lap swimming, swim team practice, inflatables, and much more.

2. When will the Scotts Road building be demolished?

The demolition of the Scotts Road building is happening now and should be complete in November.

3. I have some feedback about the new Level 3. Whom should I pass it to?

You can pass your Level 3 feedback to our new L3 manager, Andrew, any of our staff on Level 3, or email it to All feedback is being consolidated and considered by the project team in the next several weeks.

4. Will there be starting blocks at the new pool? I don't see them in the design plans?

Yes, the new pool will have starting blocks that are stored under the pool deck. That is why you don’t see them in the Schematic Design plans.

Updated as at October 5, 2016


1. I'm curious whether The Club will have a platform for feedback on the already completed redevelopment phases. 

You can send all your feedback relating to the redevelopment, including completed spaces and phases, to and it will be sent to the appropriate parties for follow up and response. 


2. I would like to point out that all this talk about consolidating kitchen space for better service is a real stretch of the imagination regarding the Union Bar. I spend much more time in the bar than I do in the Eagles Nest because the service is better.


We agree, service in the Union Bar is good. One of the issues we are trying to solve with the centralized kitchen concept is kitchen connectivity to each outlet. As you know, currently our staff have to walk all orders through the lobby to service the UB. In the future, the bar would have direct access to the kitchen, thus eliminating this ineffective use of staff's time and allowing them to focus more on Members in the bar itself. 


In terms of your Eagle’s Nest service feedback, our F&B team is continuing to work on service initiatives to increase our effectiveness. We apologize if service on your prior visits has not been up to satisfaction; we have passed your feedback on to Malik, so that he can follow up with the team. 

3. The frequently asked questions mention pool will open in 2019 with poolside only opening second half of 2018. Does this mean none of the pools being built will be open in 2018?


Apologies if the FAQs weren’t clear. We are trying to open the pool deck and the pools in the first half of 2018. This is dependent, however, on achieving government approval.

4. The new L3 facility is a huge step forward—congratulations.  As a regular user, the new work stations are great but suffer from 2 key problems—one: lack of “open units” (workstations without computers) and two: cramped space because the processor is on the desk.  There are only 3 workstations without a screen and processor.  This is a major weakness for the large number of us who use the Business Center regularly and prefer to work on our own computer.  I assume the theory was that with space for only a certain number of workstations you should maximize the number with computers and if a Member wants to use their own computer they just make space.  If indeed you cannot add more workstations without computers, then I suggest you find a way to place the processor on the floor to make more desk space available.


Thanks so much for your feedback; glad you are using the new space! Level 3 was soft launched in September and we are still refining the outlet as part of this process. Many little touches are still being worked out that will improve the user experience and the look and feel. A few updates to address your valid points:


  • A small platform will be added under each of the workstations so that the CPUs can be removed from the desk and placed underneath the table.  

  • Most of the custom built furniture has not arrived, so we’re just reusing pieces that were in the Linkway and Scott’s Road building. The single seater furniture that will be occupying the section in the Business Centre near the window will be laptop-friendly. If you combine this seating with the open desk areas in the common area and Library – including the bench-style seating in the Library – the ability to work from your laptop has certainly been increased from the current offering.  However, the team will continue to monitor the usage of the desktops. Maybe we haven’t got the mix quite right yet, and at some point, several computers may need to be removed to open up workstations for more private laptop usage.

Updated as at September 20, 2016


1. I am an Associate Member. Can I vote on the new façade?

Yes! We want all main Members and their spouses to vote, regardless of membership category, so cast your ballot now! You have until this Friday, September 23 at 5:00 p.m.


2. When approximately will the pool reopen?

The redevelopment project is targeted for overall completion in Q1 2019. The work is being done in a phased process to achieve completion of certain areas sooner.  We are aiming to complete and open the the pool deck area to Members in the first half of 2018. This will be dependent on achieving rigorous government approval.


3. I have noticed an increase in mosquitos since the constructions started. What is being done to ensure that The American Club does not turn into a Dengue or Zika hotspot?  These are most common near construction sites.

Mosquito control is something that we take very seriously and will continue to monitor throughout the redevelopment process. The Club partakes in regular pest control, and has had the NEA (National Environment Agency) drop in for surprise checks as well. We have not failed any of these inspections to date and no breeding spots have been detected on our premises. 

4. The smell of paint has been quite noticeable in The Club, especially in areas where small children frequent.  Can something please be done to increase the ventilation?

Thanks for your feedback. We walked through the new Youth space today. Although we couldn't identify the smell of any paint, an odor, possibly due to the new materials used, is mildly evident. This is maybe due to the new carpet, vinyl, or other materials that were used in the recent construction work. We expect the smell will naturally dissipate over the next few weeks; however, in the interim, we have reached out to our facilities team to investigate the possibility of increasing the mechanical ventilation in the space.

Updated as at September 8, 2016


1. What is a “soft launch,” as it refers to Level 3?

A soft launch of Level 3 means the space will be open and operational (Business Center and grab and go area September 13, Libraries and meeting rooms September 15), however, some aspects will still not be in their final state. For example, some of the furniture for Level 3 is being custom-made overseas and requires additional shipping time. The refridgerator will also be replaced with a custom-made fridge once it arrives. So in the interim period, substitute furniture will be used. This soft launch period also allows our staff to acclimate to their new working environment, procedures, and norms. By opening this way, The Club is able to progress with the overall demolition of the Scotts Road building and keep facilities open for Member enjoyment. The Club is also employing a branding consultant as part of its operational budget, to assist with the overall branding of the redeveloped Club. This consultant is being brought on in next month and will work on Level 3 as soon as they are on the team.

2. Will Level 3 be operational when it opens?

Yes, Level 3 will be operational when it opens.

3. Is it possible to get another temporary pool facility besides Bukit Merah for swimming lessons?

No, there are no plans to change the swimming facility for our swimming lessons. The Club looked for alternate swimming facilities for approximately 18 months, and as you can imagine, finding a facility to meet our needs was indeed very difficult. Not only did we need to find a facility large enough to accommodate our substantive membership, but we also needed to find facilities that would allow us to run our swim program at the times we needed, without interfering with their own swim program. This was no small feat. 


We have worked and continue to work with Bukit Merah to improve their facilities for our Members’ enjoyment: large portions of the facilities were repainted, water heaters were installed, we brought our furniture from The Club, we worked with the food stalls to improve their offerings, one of the food stalls accepts membership cards for payment now, our lifeguards and towels are at Bukit Merah, and we are able to use our inflatables daily.


All of these improvements are coupled with the fact that the Bukit Merah facility has a 50m pool, which is a welcome improvement for our Masters’ swimmers and swim squad, not to mention our swim lessons.


The Hollandse Club facility was added to The Club’s offerings as a leisure swimming venue with a more club-like atmosphere. Although it is not ideal to have these facilities in different locations, again The Club was constrained by limited facilities to work with.

4. Where is the gym going to be located after the redevelopment?

The gym will remain in its current location after the redevelopment; however, it will enjoy more natural light, an increased floor area, and an outdoor exercise area. The decision to have the gym remain in its current location happened after the April Town Halls (when the Master Plan concept was at 65%) and before the 100% Master Plan concept was approved by GC at the end of May. Leaving the gym in its current position allowed the Youth spaces to be more effectively grouped together with enhanced adjacency to the pool. It also allowed the gym to have an outdoor area to enjoy. 

Updated as at August 29, 2016


1. My daughter is signed up for swimming lessons and she is sent in by our helper, who holds an amah pass.  With the change to Bukit Merah, would verification be needed to enter the facility?  Would the amah pass be sufficient?  Can the amah pass be used for payment?  Does the rule still apply for weekdays only?

Yes, your helper can use her amah pass to gain access to Bukit Merah and to get a locker key if necessary. If she can use her pass at The Club to make food purchases, she can also use it to make food and beverage purchases at Cafe Seventy at Bukit Merah. Amahs are allowed to bring children to the Bukit Merah facility on Saturday morning for lessons as well.

2. Where do employees park? How are you handling the carpark during the redevelopment since there are fewer spaces now?

Staff parking has been moved off site to a different location to free up additional spaces for Members during the redevelopment. In total, there are about 150 car lots at The Club. Approximately 40 lots were used to build the temporary B1 facilities including the admin office, youth spaces, and community partner offices. These facilities, in their temporary location, provide continuity of service for Members. Of those 40 lots, approximately 20 were used each day for staff who parked on B2. Now that those have been moved off site, The Club has lost about 20 Member parking lots total. 

At peak times, The Club continues to offer complimentary valet service to again lessen the parking burden on Members. Once the valet reaches capacity, Members can approach the front desk for a parking coupon valid at Royal Plaza on Scotts. While The Club understands the walk from Royal Plaza is not ideal, management appreciates Members' understanding as we improve The Club for everyone’s benefit.

3. Can we have a "bottom of the pool party" now that the pool is empty?

Unfortunately, we won’t be holding a bottom of the pool party. We had our pool send-off event in late July, which was a great success. Now that the pool is empty there is concern about Member safety at the bottom of the pool, which is why the area is blocked off. The tiles are very slippery when slightly wet, the gradient to the deep end is steep, and entry and exit is more difficult now there is no water.

4. Any chance of badminton in The Club or associated affiliation to any club in future for Members to play badminton?

As you may know, we recently welcomed our new Director of Fitness and Leisure Randy Simon on board. Randy will explore using our existing studio space to see if it is possible to have a badminton court within that space. As you know, the construction portion of the redevelopment is quickly approaching and once that is complete, The Club should have three youth studios to use. Once the final dimensions of these spaces have been determined, the F&L team will see if they are big enough to hold a court. After which, the team would then try and fit badminton into the schedule and see if there is enough Member interest and uptake.

5. Where will the entrance to the temporary Zone be? Will we need to walk through the B1 parking lot?

The temporary Zone will be located within the B1 carpark and yes, those using it will need to walk through the B1 carpark to access the space.  The Club will be painting the floor to demarcate the route and where possible installing PVC bollards along the walking path to better segregate cars and ensure children’s safety.  There will be more pedestrian traffic in the carpark from mid-September and are requesting all drivers be exceptionally alert for everyone’s safety.

6. What is planned for decorative and protective screens to block the construction area from rest of The Club? I've seen some beautiful models in NYC and Tokyo! Let's keep it attractive!

The standard hoarding that will be used around the site will have a plain colored finish. To keep costs down we are currently not planning to provide any graphics to this areas. However, by coincidence, we were just discussing the potential treatments for the temporary boards that will be placed across the windows on the Claymore building, which look over the pool area. We are exploring some options that would allow us to give Members a better “view” than just a solid painted board. Once we have made a decision, we will be sure to communicate this to Members.

7. Moving Union Bar to B2 is a big mistake. If taking it off main floor, then it should be moved upward, not into basement levels. It takes it too far off the grid. Revenue will fall.

Unfortunately with The 2nd Floor remaining in its current location and L3 now the new Business Center and Library, there was no where “up” for the Union Bar to go.

Members told us in focus groups that the bar was a destination location and that they often come to The Club to visit the bar specifically. The new design of The Club gives the bar an entrance (via an elevator) off the main lobby, as well as easier access via the Scotts Road entrance. By utilizing a centralized kitchen concept, as suggested by EDG, the F&B consultants, service at The Club should become more efficient. This design also makes receiving, food prep, and kitchen work more effective too. We hope that after a period of adjustment Members will enjoy the new location as much as they enjoy the existing one.

8. With the renovation underway, inconveniencing us all, and the fact not all areas of The Club are available, are we getting reduced monthly fees?

As communicated at the Town Halls in April and previously in the FAQs, there are no plans to reduce dues during the redevelopment. This takes into consideration several factors:

  • Dues offset the operational expenses of The Club and will continue to do so throughout the redevelopment.

  • During the project only the Bowling Alley will be unavailable to Members. These facilities are only used by a small number of Members. 

  • Alternate banqueting facilities, which can be viewed on our microsite, will continue to be provided throughout the redevelopment period as will alternate pool facilities (Bukit Merah and the Hollandse Club).

  • Members will start to see more services and longer operational hours in several key outlets. 

  • The Jackpot Room will shutdown later this month. This used to be The Club’s number one income generator. Usage assumptions will see other areas decline during the project as well, so keeping dues steady is important. 

  • The vision for The Club is to keep the value proposition strong. When you compare our monthly dues to other private social clubs several are now more expensive but don't offer anywhere near as many activities / services / facilities with the quality that TAC does. 

  • Keeping dues at the same rate will mean they will not have shifted for over seven years by the time the redevelopment project is complete; that's a significant period of time when compared to market practice. 

  • Staff have been assured of job security by the GC. Staff are being retrained and redeployed as part of the redevelopment and staff reduction is by natural attrition only. 

9. Why did you have focus groups over the summer when the majority of Americans were away?

The redevelopment is scheduled to complete in Q1 2019. In order to stay on schedule, progress needs to remain continuous throughout the year, otherwise The Club risks falling behind schedule and delivering facilities late to Members. That said, the vast majority of focus groups were held prior to the summer break when Members were still in Singapore. After the Master Plan was approved by GC at the end of May and shared with membership, the next phase of design began: schematic design. During this phase, which began in July, a steering group of Members was formed from committees to continue to give input. This phase of design will be shared with Members at the upcoming Town Halls on August 30 and 31. 

10. Why have feedback when you make changes as you see fit without Member input nor vote? (e.g Union Bar)

The Union Bar decision was discussed at length by the Project Team, consultants, and management, in addition to getting feedback from Members. EDG, the F&B consultants, felt strongly that a centralized kitchen concept would not only make service at The Club more efficient, but also make receiving, food prep, and kitchen work more effective too. After weighing several factors including: future proofing The Club for growth, the limited GFA on L1, kitchen connectivity and operational efficiencies, adjacencies to other adult spaces, creating a separate entrance/exit for UB users, and the fact that the UB is a destination in itself, the decision was made to move it to B2. While the Project Team understands this is not ideal for some Members, the location of the UB was given a lot of thought and consideration, as many other factors played a role. We hope that once the entire Club is complete, Members will enjoy the new space as much as the current one.

Updated as at August 12, 2016


1. On the Hollandse Club restaurant menu there are club members and non-member prices. Which rates do we pay?

American Club Members pay the non-Member prices at the Hollandse Club.

2. What are the sizes of the new pools at The American Club?

The new sizes of the pools have yet to be finalized. The project team is currently in the schematic design phase of the plans, which are scheduled to be finished around the end of the month. Once this phase is finished, we will have the final sizing and be sure to share it with Members.

3. Will the renovated clubhouse include provisions for further renovations in the future? e.g. will the structure be able to take the weight of an additional floor or two to be added? This is not necessary now, but planning ahead will reduce costs in the future.

The renovated clubhouse currently has a provision for hotel rooms to be built on a portion of the roof. This allows The Club to future-proof the facility and as you noted, save expenses in the future should The Club decide to add to the structure.

4. Will there still be spinach artichoke dip on the new menu? I can't find such great dip anywhere else! It is a party favourite for sure.

You’ll be pleased to know that the spinach artichoke dip will remain on the banqueting/catering menu, so you’ll be able to order it for takeaway or off-site catering functions. It may also be rotated onto the Eagle’s Nest or Union Bar menus in the future, as we highlight Poolside favorites there in the months to come.

5. Why is all the food in the essentials store being moved into the laundry side that is so small? Why break apart an outlet that does pretty good?

The movement of all services and product has been carefully considered and planned by management and the project team to ensure as much continuity for Members as possible throughout the redevelopment. Home, the wine shop, will be closing in late August, as the Scotts Road building is prepared for demolition. As part of this closure, the shop’s affordable range of wines will be moved to the food side of essentials, while the more expensive range of wines will move to The 2nd Floor for sale, as well as be available online. Continuing wine sales is imperative for The Club as Home is the second most profitable outlet for The Club (after the Spa) and wine is a top Member area of interest that continues to grow. To further enhance the retail wine experience, a new app dedicated to wine information and sales is being development. This is a way that management can continue to enhance the wine experience for this expanding membership segment.


In its current location, Home lost Member impulse buying. With the move to the food side of essentials,  and its accessibility to the carpark, management feels that impulse buying will increase, as it has for essentials products. By moving the wine fridges to essentials, it also means that chilled Champagne, white wines, and dessert wines will be easily available for grab and go purchases as Members exit The Club. 


The Club agrees that the essentials team is doing a great job. In fact, Francis, the manager, just won the Rookie of the Year award at the recent Staff Dinner and Dance. Along with his team and the project team, some shelving options have been developed, so that essentials can retain the vast majority of its products. In some instances, products may not be as visible as they are now, however, please approach Francis and his team to ask for anything you don’t see displayed, as it may be in the back-of-house. 


Other new services such as mobile laundry service and bulk product delivery will help The Club maintain Member engagement and hopefully ease the disruption of services for Members through the redevelopment project. 

6. Why did The Club close the pool August 1 if the demolition phase doesn't begin until early September?

There were several factors the team weighed and considered when deciding when to close the pool. Poolside remains exceedingly quiet until mid-August when everyone is back from their summer breaks. Management decided to use this naturally quieter time to give training to the staff who are being redeployed from the Poolside service and kitchen teams to other areas of The Club. Doing this several weeks before Members arrive back in earnest was prudent and better prepares all staff who are now in other outlets for the start of the busy fall season. Closing the poolside kitchen in August also enables some work to take place to convert it into our temporary Production Kitchen.

As you know, Bukit Merah opened on August 2, and all of the Poolside Furniture (lounges, tables, umbrellas) are  are now at Bukit Merah for Member enjoyment. With the swim program officially starting in mid-August and Bukit Merah being open for members usage from August 2, The Club couldn’t run two pools simultaneously, especially when we need to deploy lifeguards in one dedicated location.

Closing the Pool also means we can start converting the Poolside Change Rooms into the staff change rooms. This is a big job and requires ample planning and execution time as hundreds of staff lockers must be shifted.

7. Can you move the ice machine from the Poolside restaurant to the tennis courts so players can ice down after they play?

The ice machines are all automated and need electricity, water supply, and drainage. Unfortunately, the machine can’t operate in the tennis foyer or gallery.

Updated as at July 28, 2016


1. Will the  ATM always be on site and working during the redevelopment?

The ATM will be available throughout most of the redevelopment. There will be times when the unit will have to move, due to construction, and during those times it will be out of service while it is relocated. Once these days/times are confirmed, they will be communicated to Members to minimize inconvenience. 

2. Will the 2-4-1 pizzas still be available on Monday nights but at the Eagle's Nest?

You will be pleased to know that 2-4-1 pizzas will remain available until further notice. Starting August 1, Members will be required to place their orders through the Eagle’s Nest (in person or by phone) and pick up will only be available at the Poolside counter. This promotion is only available for takeaway, Monday nights, 5:00–8:00 p.m.

3. How many work stations will be built in the new business center?

There will be 16 PC workstations, 2 Mac workstations, and 3 empty workstations (bring your own laptop) for Member use in the new Level 3 facilities. This is in addition to all types of seating throughout the space, some of which is conducive to laptop and writing work (eg. counters with stools, etc).

4. Will Thyme be open for the rest of the summer?

Thyme will remain open and in its current location through 2016 and into 2017. Once we have more details about its closing/relocation, we will be sure to share them with Members.

5. Will the new changing rooms in the gym / pool area have a sauna?

The scheme design for The Club is not complete yet, and this decision fits within that phase of the plans. Once the scheme design is complete (scheduled for late summer), then we will share the plans with Members.

6. Can you tell me the size of the new Union Bar vs. the current Union Bar?

The floor area for outlets has not yet been determined. This is happening within the scheme design phase of the plans, which is scheduled to be completed by late summer. Once we have more information, we will be sure to share it with Members.

7. Are Members able to bring their helpers to the Hollandse Club?

Domestic helpers are only allowed on the Hollandse Club’s premises in cases when parents are not able to accompany their children. They are not allowed to use the facilities though. Domestic helpers are allowed to wait for Members’ children only in the designated area, outside the Rotterdam room, the tennis pavilion, and at the tables at the poolside, right next to the main stairs when entering the pool.

8. Are Members' guests allowed to park at the Hollandse Club?

Guests are allowed to park in the visitors parking spaces. However, please note that Members of the Hollandse Club will always have priority for parking.

9. Can Members order takeaway food at the Hollandse Club?

Yes, Members can order at the F&B and take-away food. Please note payment is by nets, credit card, or cash only.

10. The access to the pool at the Hollandse Club is a great additional swimming option. Will there be swimming lessons available for Level 1 and 2 at the Hollandse Club?

The Club is happy to have the arrangement with the Hollandse Club. This agreement is for recreational swimming only. All American Club swim lessons will be held at the Bukit Merah facility. The Bukit Merah complex gives us more space than we enjoy at The American Club, which will allow us to add more programs that we currently don’t have space for.

11. Can Junior Members use the Hollandse Club facilities without the primary Member?

All card carrying Members of the family can use the facilities. Children below 11 are not allowed to enter the premises unaccompanied.

12. When does the next swimming season start? Do you still have to sign up for an entire season?

August 15 is the start of the Fall Term. Swimming lessons will be available on a monthly basis to allow for Members to try the new facilities at Bukit Merah. The final week of each month, Members may indicate if they do not wish to continue into the following month. If Members do not let the Aquatics department know, then the swimming lessons will continue without interruption.

13. Are the inflatables going up at specific times at Bukit Merah? This would help me plan family visits.

Yes.  The inflatables will be up on the weekdays as well as on Saturdays and Sundays. You can use the inflatables on weekdays: 3:30–6:00 p.m., Saturdays: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., and Sundays 3:00–5:00 p.m. Remember, Members can use the Bukit Merah facility for recreational swimming.

14. When can I do lap swimming at Bukit Merah? Recreational swimming?
The Bukit Merah schedule is as follows:

The swimming complex is open Monday–Friday 7:30 a.m.–9:30 p.m. and Saturday–Sunday 7:30 a.m.–7:00 p.m.

Lap swimming is available daily in two lanes during opening hours. At specific times throughout the week, Members will also have access to additional dedicated American Club lap swimming lanes. Please approach our aquatics team at Bukit Merah for a complete schedule. 

Recreational swimming (eg playing/paddling etc) is available: Monday–Friday 7:30 a.m.–9:30 p.m., and on Saturday–Sunday 7:30 a.m.–7:00 p.m.

The American Club Lifeguards will be on duty from 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m. during the week and from 8:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. on the weekends.

15. What time is the Master’s swim program at Bukit Merah?

Masters will be swimming on:

Tuesday 7:30 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday 9:30 a.m.

Thursday 7:30 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m.

Friday 7:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m.

Saturday 7:30 a.m.

16. Why are you changing The Club? I think The Club is perfect how it is. We will miss you American Club.

Thanks for the compliment; we are glad you are enjoying the facilities. After considering several possible redevelopment plans, the SPC/GC endorsed this option as it delivered on the project objectives with minimum Member and staff disruption, including: staying at our current location and addressing the facilities’ long-term maintenance needs; increasing the size of and improving the Member facilities based on a review of 10 years of annual surveys; complying with today’s building standards and regulations; the adoption of green technologies; and the (vast) improvement of operational efficiencies.

17. I'm very excited to know about the changes coming to The Club. I have a question about the Pool moving to Level 1. I think it would create more traffic on the main level, which was being diverted to B1 before. With the swimming lessons and parents/help hanging around plus the Bar/Thyme/Eagles Nest on the same floor as new Pool as well as Lobby, wont it create a bit of a crowded first floor?

Use of space is something that was carefully considered by the project team, management, and the architects. The architects created a Main Street concept that starts in the lobby and runs through The Club. (You may have seen this on the master plan concepts that were sent out via the eblast.) This Main Street seeks to replicate the current linkway experience and become the social heart of The Club by linking F&B outlets, the pool, and all other Club destinations. The lobby area will be approximately 25% larger, but with more area concentrated around the center instead of down a longer linkway.


Additionally, the building is being created so that Members have direct access to the pool deck from the carpark area, thus eliminating the need for those who are driving to walk through the lobby area if they don’t want to.


With the majority of Youth spaces on the Scotts Road side of the new building, the move of the Union Bar to B2 (with an entrance from the lobby), and a tempting new Level 3 design, the team feels positive about Member flow through the clubhouse

Updated as at July 12, 2016


1. When can I start using the Hollandse Club pool?
Members can start using the Hollandse Club August 1, 2016.

2. What ID do I need to show to gain access to the Hollandse Club?  

Members and their family will have to present their American Club membership card(s) as proof of membership upon arrival at the reception desk.

3. Do I have to pre-register or sign in?  

No there’s no need to pre-register. When entering the Hollandse Club premises, you must register at the club’s reception desk, sign the guest book, and wear the wristband provided.

4. What are the operating hours of The Hollandse Club?  
The Hollandse Club is open Sunday to Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to midnight. Friday, Saturday, and Eve of Public Holiday from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

5. Which outlets can I use?

American Club Members will have access to the Hollandse Club’s restaurants and swimming pool.

6. Can I participate in other activities and classes organized by The Hollandse Club and if so, is there a cost associated with this?

American Club Members can not participate in Hollandse Club classes but do have access to activities and events organized for Non-Members paying the quoted Non-Member fee.

7. Can I bring guests? What is the guest rate?

Yes, you can enjoy complimentary access for your own family and up to 4 guests. Guest entry fee is applicable for each guest in excess of 4. The current guest rate is $2.50/person, but this rate is being reviewed and may change in the future.

8. Is there parking at The Hollandse Club? Is it chargeable?

Yes, you can park your vehicle in the designated visitor parking spaces based upon availability. Parking is currently free of charge, however, this may change in the future.

9. Will The Club be arranging shuttle bus service to The Hollandse Club?

 No, there will not be shuttle bus service to the Hollandse Club.

10. What are the F&B prices at The Hollandse Club?

Please click here for the Hollandse Club's current menu: In August, the restaurant will be outsourced, and new items and pricing will be applicable. 

11. How do I pay for the charges incurred at The Hollandse Club?

The Hollandse Club accepts payment by credit card, NETS, or check at time of purchase.

12. Can I put the charges on my Club account? 

 No, it is not possible to charge your Hollandse Club spending on your American Club account.

13. Are there lifeguards at The Hollandse Club?

Lifeguards are only on duty for special occassions and when there are Hollandse Club events at the pool.

14. Do they have inflatables at The Hollandse Club?

Inflatables are only used at special Hollandse Club Member events. American Club inflatables will be used at Bukit Merah on a regular basis.

15. Does the Hollandse Club have towels or do I need to bring my own?

The Hollandse Club has towels for Member and guest usage.

16. Does the Hollandse Club have a baby pool?

Yes, there is a wading pool at the Hollandse Club.

Updated as at July 1, 2016​


1. Will The Club still do turkey takeaways for Thanksgiving if Poolside is closed?

Yes, The Club will still do Thanksgiving takeaway orders in November. More details will be shared as the holiday season approaches.

2.  Why is the pool being closed if the Youth Zone is still open until the end of August?

The pool will begin the decommissioning process in early August. This includes removing furniture, partially draining the pool, and removing equipment from the space. This process will take several weeks and will allow The Club to hand over the site to the demolition team upon completion.

3. Will I be able to walk near the pool in August or will the area have partitioning around it? Will there still be deck chairs and seating poolside? 
Yes, the walkways around the pool will still be usable, so that Members can walk to the Youth Zone, carpark, spa, and other areas. The pool furniture will be removed on August 1 and much of it will be moved to Bukit Merah for the August 2 opening, so that Members can enjoy comfortable tables, seating, and shade umbrellas while there. The pool and surrounding area (where the furniture currently is) will be roped off and then partitioning will be set up. We request that all Members respect the roped off/partitioned areas to ensure everyone's safety.

Upddated as at June 24, 2016


1. Will The Club continue to have a notice board during the renovation for Members to sell their unused item?

Yes, the buy and sell board will be available throughout the redevelopment. The size or location of the board might change as construction continues, but there will always be a designated space for Member items.

2. The Club should reimburse Members for parking now that it has limited parking spaces. What is being done about this?
You’ll be pleased to know that at the times when the complimentary valet is full, The Club will be offering complimentary parking coupons for the building next door, so that Members can continue to park conveniently.

3. I am a non-voting Member (Associate). Can I still submit a pre-development survey?

Yes! We want to hear from you. We are encouraging ALL Members and their spouses to submit a pre-development survey. Your opinion is important to us and will help us shape future plans for the benefit of everyone.

Updated as at June 14, 2016


1. Will there be anywhere to sit and eat lunch outside at The Club once the pool renovation begins?

The Club has not planned for any outdoor dining areas during the renovation primarily due to the fact that it would be adjacent to a construction site. Due to the heat, Members did not use the small al fresco area outside of the Eagle’s Nest when tables and service were available.

2. Has The Club considered implementing a shuttle bus between The Club and the Bukit Merah Swimming Pool?

The logistics for a possible shuttle service are still being worked out by management. The Club is starting to receive enrolments for the next season of the Aquatics Program and a shuttle bus is being considered around those timings. As the program shifts to Bukit Merah, demand will be assessed and scheduling taken into consideration. Our new Aquatics Manager and Fitness and Leisure Director have both just come on board and this will be something they oversee. We will be sure to update Members when we have more information.

3. How much longer can we use the tennis courts?

Currently there is no plan to close the tennis courts during the project. The redevelopment of Scotts Road should have no impact.

4. Can you please reconsider the decision to locate the children's library on level 3?

This topic was discussed extensively at four focus group sessions and the overwhelming decision by Members was to keep the adult and children's libraries together. This was done in a way to preserve the essence of the library experience for adults and children alike.


Members of the focus group and management felt that with proper zoning, card access doors, and rules and regulations in place, to segregate the children from the majority of adult only spaces, that there would be no issue with a children's library on the third floor.  At the same time, to maintain the integrity of a children's library, it could not be placed in the youth zone, which is loud and disruptive for those children seeking quiet time and a relaxed reading space.


The third floor is a knowledge center for users of all ages who should learn to respect the social norms of library and professional behavior.  Indeed, it was agreed that some of the biggest challenges in the business center and library came from adult Members who do not practice good mobile etiquette.  


At this stage, the tender has been closed for Level 3 and construction has begun on the space with the business center and libraries both being located there. We hope that once you see and experience the space you will find it meets your needs.


Focus group Members are now engaged themselves with defining rules for the third floor that will be reviewed by the Rules Committee and GC that may be used across The Club in general to help our community to respect fellow Members.

Updated as at June 1, 2016


1. Will we still have access to the Poolside menu during renovations?

The Club will be rolling out two new menus in the Eagle’s Nest in July: one will be a “classic” menu, containing Eagle’s Nest favorites, and the other will be a seasonal menu that will change every two months. Once the Poolside closes, half of the culinary team will move to the Eagle’s Nest. The Poolside menu will then be integrated in some form into the new Eagle’s Nest menus either through weekly and monthly specials or as part of the seasonal menu. This change will include a more robust selection of Indian/vegetarian items, as The Club has a terrific new Chef of Indian cuisine, who will also move to the Eagle’s Nest when the Poolside closes.

2. Will Poolside Zone be open during renovations?

The Zone will remain open in the temporary B1 facility during the renovation. There may be a short disruption of service as the space is moved from its current location to the B1 temporary facility. Once the Project Team has a clear set of dates, this information will be shared with Members. 

3. Will the gym be open during renovations?

The gym does not fall under Phase 1 of construction, and is not scheduled to be worked on until 2017. At this time we do not have the detailed schedule for the gym work, but will share it once it’s available. As with all of the renovation, The Club is trying to minimize disruption to Members and keep outlets open as much and as long as possible. 

4. When will I start hearing noise at The Club?

Members will start hearing construction noise at The Club from Monday, June 6.

5. With construction happening on B1, what will happen if the carpark becomes too full? Where will I park?
The Club already offers valet services on weekends and on weekdays when large crowds are expected. Although there is a reduction of carpark lots with the temporary build on the B1 level, approximately 20 staff who used to park in The Club have already been moved off-site maximizing the car parking for Members. Management has budgeted for valet services throughout the construction period, and the magnitude will depend on Member usage patterns. 

6. Where will Father's Day celebrations be held?

There will be no change to our Father’s Day celebrations. If families are still here with dads over summer, the usual 2nd Floor and Eagles Nest brunches will be available. Cheap burgers and beers in the Union Bar will also keep dads happy. 

Updated as at May 19, 2016



1. The Business Center is an appealing space for people to come and do their work. How much more space is there rather than just the Business Center? What's being done for working Members?

More than 10 meetings with third floor group have been held since November. The Club hasn’t just replaced the Business Center and library. It has created a new space. It includes the old reading room. It will have stacks, library, Business Center, and a commons area. It will also have a lot of natural light. Based on current plans, this space has grown from 274 to 405m2 in size.

2. Is there a demand for a bigger Union Bar?

A resounding YES from the Town Hall audience.


3. After the redevelopment will there still be a way to enter The Club via Scotts Road?

Yes, there will be a Scotts Road pedestrian entrance.

4. Will there be an increase in the number of carpark spaces after the redevelopment is complete?

No, the number of spaces remains the same after the redevelopment. The Club must maintain exactly the same number of lots because 1) Club mandate - cannot be less. 2) URA constraint - any lots exceeding the existing number are liable for Development Charge.

5. Has a vehicle entrance from Scotts Road been considered? Vehicle access like this could possibly be negotiated with the owner of the Thong Teck Building via their existing vehicle access on Scott’s Road.  Perhaps this could be a low volume port used only for goods vehicles (deliveries) or for other special/specific low volume traffic? 

This is something that has been explored, but unfortunately, LTA will not grant this request based on the location near a heavily trafficked intersection, the fact they will be reclaiming land for road expansion, and the location of an emergency vehicle access point on that side of the building. In terms of the Thong Teck Building, they have very limited parking and struggle to provide for their own tenants, so unfortunately that would not be an option for Member parking. Once The Club’s redevelopment is complete, deliveries to The Club will improve, so we do not anticipate needing to use another building for this purpose.

Updated as at April 25, 2016




1. When will I be able to see the Master Plan for the redevelopment?

A draft of the Master Plan, which was created using Member feedback, will be shared with Members at the Town Hall meetings on April 26 and 27. The architects will visually walk Members through the space, so that they will have a concept of the spaces and places within The Club. The draft will not include any design components or interior finishes.


2. Have some Members already seen the Master Plan?

A draft ot the Master Plan was shared at the recent series of focus group meetings conducted in April. Many constructive comments were provided by Members to the architect, which are now being reviewed and, where appropriate / possible, incorporated into the further development of the concept. Updated plans will be presented to Members during the Town Hall meetings scheduled for April 26 and 27. The Club continues to ensure that this is a Member-driven process and include as much input from Members as possible to make The Club amazing.


3. I would like to be more involved in the redevelopment, what can I do?

If you’d like to be more involved in the redevelopment, please come to the Town Halls on April 26 and 27, where you will see the Master Plan for The Club. As those design plans become finalized, there will be more opportunities to take part in voting (both online and at The Club) and express your feedback. Additionally, you may be interested in signing up for a committee, as they are an integral part of this process. As always, you can reach out to our redevelopment team at and they’ll be back in touch.


4. When will construction start on the third floor?

Construction is scheduled to start in May on the third floor, which will include the new Business Center and Libraries.



Updated as at April 6, 2016




1. Will there be a cigar smoking area in the new Club design?

There is currently not a designated cigar smoking area in the Master Plan. Smokers will be able to continue to smoke on the second floor balcony.

2. What arrangements will be made for swimmers who swim before 8:00 a.m. once the pool facilities move to Bukit Merah?

We have posed this request to our landlord at Bukit Merah and they are unable to accommodate this as the pool operating hours don’t start that early and there is no manning at that time of day, hence potentially a safety concern. Additionally, the Bukit Merah pool does not have built-in pool lights, so would not be conducive for use at that time of day.


Club management will be meeting with another club in mid-April to discuss pool access for our Members. At this time they will enquire about the 6:30am swim time.

3. I can't go to the focus groups this week, but I want to see the Master Plan. What should I do?

We will be sharing the Master Plan at the focus groups as well as at the Town Halls on April 26 nd 27. If you are unable to attend a focus group, please join us later this month for the Town Hall. You can RSVP here and submit questions here.

4. Where can I see the new third floor schematic?

You can see the third floor schematic here or view it on the information board outside of Thyme.

5. Why is the children's library on the third floor and not in the youth area?

This topic was discussed extensively at four focus group sessions and the overwhelming decision by Members was to keep the adult and children's libraries together. This was done in a way to preserve the essence of the library experience for adults and children alike.


Members of the focus group and management felt that with proper zoning, card access doors, and rules and regulations in place, to segregate the children from the majority of adult only spaces, that there would be no issue with a children's library on the third floor.  At the same time, to maintain the integrity of a children's library, it could not be placed in the youth zone, which is loud and disruptive for those children seeking quiet time and a relaxed reading space.


The third floor is a knowledge center for users of all ages who should learn to respect the social norms of library and professional behavior.  Indeed, it was agreed that some of the biggest challenges in the business center and library came from adult Members who do not practice good mobile etiquette.  


An additional note:  Focus group Members are now engaged themselves with defining rules for the third floor that will be reviewed by the Rules Committee and GC that may be used across The Club in general to help our community to respect fellow Members.


Updated as at March 25, 2016




1. When are we voting on the new food and beverage concepts?

Voting will begin next week and run through April 12. All Members (Ordinary, Term, Service, Associate, and Transferable Associate Members, and their spouses, as well as Junior Members) are able to vote. You will receive images and be able to vote via the eblast as well as see comprehensive displays and voting boxes at The Club in the lobby, linkway, and Poolside.


2. Will the names of all outlets change?  

Let us know what you think. You've asked us to look at the overall branding of The Club, as things have become a bit patchwork and piecemeal over time. In order to regain that feeling of a cohesive space with multiple offerings, we may choose to rebrand or rename certain outlets.


3. Will the location of the food and beverage outlets change?

It is likely that some of the outlet locations will shift when The Club is redeveloped. One of the main drivers for doing the redevelopment is creating operational efficiencies, and locations of kitchens and outlets is key in making that happen.


4. Who came up with the new food and beverage themes?

EDG, our food and beverage design specialist, came up with the f&b themes. EDG is an interior architecture and design firm with 25 years of experience in hospitality. Food and beverage concepts are their core competency in the region, and their focus is design with an operational foundation, which is in line with the basis of the redevelopment project.

5. Has a vehicle entrance/exit on Scotts Road been considered as part of the redevelopment?

This is something that has been explored, but unfortunately, LTA will not grant this request based on the location near a heavily trafficked intersection, the fact they will be reclaiming land for road expansion, and the location of an emergency vehicle access point on that side of the building.

6. Is it possible to arrange off-peak swimming at a nearby club or hotel when there are just a handful of swimmers who would like to swim?

Club management is exploring the possibility of partnering with the a club or hotel to offer an additional recreational swim facility. Once we have more information to share, we will be sure to communicate it.


7. How long can I use the pool and the Scotts Road building facilities?

Members will be able to use Scotts Road building facilities including the pool, bowling alley, and party planning at the Zone through the end of July. 


Updated as at March 4, 2016




1. Will Member dues be reduced during the redevelopment?

There are no plans to reduce dues during the redevelopment. Dues offset the operational expenses of The Club and will continue to do so throughout the redevelopment.


2. Why is the Town Hall being rescheduled?

The Town Hall is being rescheduled because our President, Scott Weber, had a last-minute business obligation that required him to be overseas on March 8 and 9. Because these informal sessions were conversational in nature, and as Scott and Martin, our GM, were the only two speakers, we needed to make the difficult decision to reschedule. As the following three weeks in March are local and international school holidays, we have decided to find a date in early April, so that as many Members as possible are able to attend the sessions.


3. Are you still conducting focus groups?

Our initial round of focus groups has finished. We have met with Member and staff user groups in The Club and have had one or more conversations with them to discuss the redevelopment. Notes from these focus groups were passed on to the Project Control Group as a brief to help the design team incorporate Member feedback into the overall design of the space. 


The designers are now working on the holistic layout of The Club and where each outlet will fit within that space. Once an overall plan is finalized, focus groups will again regroup to review and validate the translation of their suggestions into the design. Conversations regarding  furnishings and look and feel of spaces will also be held. 


4. Why did you hold staff focus groups?

One of the key drivers for the redevelopment was back-of-house efficiencies and operational optimization. As such, we met with several staff groups to discuss how the redevelopment could improve their working conditions and make serving Members easier and more efficient. Frontline staff are also in the unique position to hear Member feedback first-hand. Conversations with staff often reinforced or enhanced what we heard from Member focus groups.


Updated as at February 24, 2016




1. Is The Club considering a salt water pool for its new pool?

A salt water pool was discussed at the focus group and is something that is being put forward as part of the design brief for the project team to consider. 


2. How long is the Club pool closing to be rebuilt?

Once it is demolished the pool will be closed for approximately two years so that it can be rebuilt.


3. What is happening to the deep water running classes once the Club pool closes?

Club management has approached another facility to see if there is a way that our instructor can continue the adult deep water running class there. This is currently going through the committee process and we will update you when we have more information.


4. Where can I have brunch at The Club after the Colonial Room closes?

Members will be pleased to know that The Club is hosting a Backyard BBQ Brunch every Sunday beginning March 13 (excluding special events like Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day). You'll be able to enjoy food right off the grill as well as plenty of brunch favorites. In addition to this, The Club is also hosting brunch in the Eagle's Nest and The 2nd Floor.



Updated as at February 15, 2016




1. I thought we were building our own temporary pool. What happened to that plan?

We explored the option of constructing a temporary pool facility as part of our due diligence but the cost of building a standalone pool was approximately $2.3 million, without the land rental. This cost was well out of our budget. 


2. I wish Bukit Merah was more convenient. Why did we pick a pool 10-20 minutes away from The Club? Did The Club explore reciprocal pool benefits with other clubs?​

Finding a pool that is both private and has large enough facilities to accommodate our unusually high usership is a challenge in Singapore where there is a competitive market for these types of pools. Bukit Merah provided us with Olympic-size pool space, which is great for our Master, lap, and squad swimmers, as well as recreational pool space for those who want to splash around and play on the inflatables. In addition, we were given space for our lessons. The Club has a very large lessons program and this would overwhelm most other pools.


The Club worked on finding a suitable pool location for many months; however, the availability of private pools within reasonable proximity that could accommodate both our swim program and recreational swim usage is very limited. Many clubs with swim programs share similar peak and off-peak periods as own usage pattern, making it difficult to accommodate access for our Members, without adversely affecting their own membership usage. The high volume of swimmers and casual users that our pool sees is somewhat unusual in Singapore, and the capacity we need to support Members is not readily available.


3. I thought the Bukit Merah facility would look nicer. It doesn’t seem as nice as our pool.

The Bukit Merah facility looks different from our pool, however, we will be bringing over our lounge chairs, tables, and umbrellas; towels and towel service; and inflatables. All of these additions will make the pool look and feel more like home. The Starfish swim program will still be run by our aquatics team using the Club training equipment, and our lifeguards will be on hand to oversee pool safety, so you’ll continue to be safe and see the same friendly faces around the pool.


4. Why are we using a community pool?

Bukit Merah is not a community pool. It is a private pool that runs its own swimming classes and has minimal casual swimmers. Bukit Merah was a good option for The Club, as usage is very low during the week and their own swim program has different peak periods from The Club’s Starfish swim program. Most adults are there to wait for their children who are in swim lessons. 


5. Is there a baby pool at Bukit Merah?

Yes, there is pool space suitable for toddlers and those who are looking for shallower water. The facility also has an Olympic-sized pool; The Club can use two lanes for swim squad practices and Masters’ swimming. There will also be two lanes in the Olympic pool that Members can use for lap swimming between 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


6. Are there food outlets at Bukit Merah?

Yes, there are two food outlets at Bukit Merah. The Kampong Cafe serves local favorites including fried rice, noodles, and prata, and accepts cash, Nets, and Visa; while Seventy Cafe serves sandwiches, wraps, and drinks and accepts cash only.

7. Will there be a shuttle service from The Club to Bukit Merah?

The Club is currently exploring a shuttle service. Once we have more details to share, we will let you know!

8. When will The Club pool close?

It is likely that The Club pool will close in Summer 2016. Because the closing date is dependent on other components of the overall redevelopment project, we are unable to give an exact date at this time. As The Club gains more clarity, we will begin communicating a specific date.

9. What will happen to my children's swimming lessons?

The Starfish Swim School will operate from Bukit Merah, so your children's swimming lessons will continue to take place at Bukit Merah with our Aquatics Team. This will provide continuity for your child and there will be no disruption to your swimming schedule nor swim progress.

10. How long will we be using the temporary pool facility?
We will be using a temporary pool facility for approximately two years. This is so that The Club can rebuild our pool and provide Members with even better facilites than we enjoy now.


11. What are the opening and closing times of Bukit Merah?

Bukit Merah has the following operating hours:

Monday to Friday            7.30am to 9.30pm 

Saturday to Sunday        7.30am to 7.00pm

Public Holidays               Closed

12. Are there changing rooms at the temporary pool?

Yes, Bukit Merah has changing rooms and shower facilities that can be used by Members. We will be bringing our Club towels and towel service as well.


13. I am concerned about the cleanliness of the Bukit Merah pool.

Your health and safety are of our utmost concern. Our Aquatics, Housekeeping, and Facilities teams have made the first of several visits to Bukit Merah to closely assess what enhancements and improvements are needed to bring it to a level that is closer to what Members are used to. We are discussing many finer points with Bukit Merah now and plan to include a test of water quality in our preparations to get the pool ready.


Updated as at January 29, 2016




1. Is the entire Club being demolished?

You'll be pleased to know that no, the entire Club is not being demolished, nor is the entire Club closing for the redevelopment. The redevelopment will take part in three phases and during the entire project large portions of The Club will be open and operational. 

  • Phase 1 of the redevelopment is the construction of the permanent Libraries and Business Center on the third floor and the temporary Youth facilities, administration offices, and community offices in B1. 

  • Phase 2 is the demolition and rebuilding of the Scotts Road building and pool.

  • Phase 3 will be the additions and alterations to the Claymore building (excluding levels 2 and 3), if funds allow.


2. Will staff lose their jobs because of the redevelopment?

No, staff whose outlets are impacted by the redevelopment will be redeployed to other areas of The Club and not lose their jobs. So for example, you may see one of our friendly poolside staff working at Eagle's Nest when you come back from summer break or one of our Home staff at Thyme. 


3. Is there anywhere in The Club I can hold meetings after the Colonial Room closes on March 7?

The Business Center will still be open for business after the Colonial Room closes, and banqueting options are available there. Members are also able to hold meetings and private events on The Second Floor. In addition, Members can enjoy reciprocal banqueting facilities with The Hollandse Club and special rates with some nearby hotels. For contact details, please click here.


4. Is the pool closing in March?

No, the pool is not closing until Summer 2016; however, we currently do not have a firm date. Once we have more details, we will ensure they are communicated to everyone.


5. How can I pay for food at the interim pool facility in Bukit Merah?

Bukit Merah has two food and beverage outlets--one serving local favorites and one deli-like outlet serving wraps, sandwiches, and drinks. Members will not be able to pay by membership card at Bukit Merah. The outlet serving local favorites accepts cash, Nets, and Visa. The deli-like outlet accepts cash only.


6. When did The Club decide to move the pool to Level 1?

The pool moving to Level 1 has always been a part of the plan for The Club's redevelopment. This move was communicated prior to and as part of the Extraordinary General Meeting that was held in June 2015. This has remained unchanged.


7. I am concerned about the structural risks of raising the pool one level. How are we mitigating the risk associated with this?

We are using a structural engineer and architect in designing our new facilities, to ensure that our plans are structurally sound. As we prepare for construction, we will be using licensed contractors with solid track records to do the construction of our new facilities. As with all construction in Singapore, it will be subject to inspections and will not proceed unless and until all required government approvals are obtained.


8. Will the new level under the pool just be for staff? This seems like a poor use of space compared with the needs of Members.

No, the new level created under the pool will not just be for staff offices. If you think of the redevelopment as a puzzle, with each outlet/service being a piece, we are now in the process of deciding where each "piece" fits within The Club. If the administration offices are eventually located under the pool, the entire level will not be for staff use. The Club has decided to keep staff on site both during and after the redevelopment due to cost considerations. It is much cheaper to keep our team on site than move them off site. It also allows us to offer Members better service.


9. I like to do my work in the Linkway. By moving the pool to Level 1, it will no longer be quiet there. How do you plan to minimize this disruption?

We understand your concern, however, keep in mind the Linkway will no longer exist as it does now after the redevelopment; the Scotts Road building is being demolished and completely rebuilt. The newly conceptualized third floor, which will house the Business Center, Libraries, and a cafe-like concept will hopefully become a new destination for Members looking to do work, conduct meetings, have subdued conversations, do homework, or chat over a coffee. This new space will open in Summer 2016, allowing Members to enjoy it before other portions of the redevelopment take place. 


10. Are you combining the Eagle's Nest and Poolside restaurants? Won't this negatively impact service, which is already suffering?

No decisions have been made yet regarding the food and beverage outlets as they relate to the redevelopment. The Club is in the process of hiring an F&B consultant to help us optimize our back-of-house operations, which was one of the key reasons for doing the redevelopment. We will keep you informed as decisions are made. 


As for service in the Eagle's Nest, we will be redeploying staff from Poolside and Home to other outlets during the redevelopment, and we hope that you will notice enhanced service as additional staff take the floor.


11. In the new Business Center, will there be more meeting rooms than currently available?

The current schematics for the new Business Center include a boardroom and four meeting rooms of varying sizes that will available for Members to rent. You can see the detailed schematics by clicking here.


12. How long will the libraries be closed when they move to the third floor this summer?

It is likely the libraries will be closed for approximately a week when they move to their new location this summer. Once we have dates and further details, we will be sure to share them with Membership.


Updated as at January 20, 2016




1. Why can't The Club do the borehole drilling at night?

The borehole drilling must follow the Singapore noise regulations for construction. Because The Club is located very close to a residential area, the drilling can only be conducted during the day. 


2. What will happen to my child's swim lessons once the pool is decommissioned this summer?

Your child's swim lessons will be moved to the new interim pool at Bukit Merah and lessons will continue per usual with our same American Club coaches. 


3. When is the last Colonial Room brunch?

Our last Colonial Room brunch will be Sunday, February 28. If you'd like to join us, please be sure to reserve early to avoid disappointment. After that, the Colonial Room will be permanently closed, demolished, and converted into the newly conceptualized Business Center and Libraries, which will open in Summer 2016.


4. Will The Club still have camp in March?

Yes, camp will proceed as per usual in March with the same great lineup of activities your children enjoy. 


5. What will happen to the Bowling Alley when the Scotts Road building is demolished?

The Bowling Alley will be closed just prior to the Scotts Road building being demolished and will reopen again in 2018.


Updated as at January 6, 2016




1. We hear there will be drilling at the pool area at the end of January. How will the equipment be brought into The Club?

The equipment will be brought in in parts and be assembled on site. Once the drilling begins, hoarding will be put around the drill site for everyone's safety. After the drilling is complete, a stand pipe (a small pipe that protrudes from the ground) will be visible.


2. When do you expect we'll start to see construction personnel around The Club?

We will start to see contractors around March 2016. Prior to that, you will see some people conducting the soil investigations (as part of the drilling) around the pool area. 


3. What decisions have been made so far about the redevelopment? 

As of early December the following decisions have been made about the redevelopment:​​

  • The Scotts Road building will be demolished in Summer 2016.

  • The pool will be raised to level 1. It will be on the same level as the Eagle's Nest and Lobby.

  • The Library and Business Center will be permanently located on level 3 where the Colonial Room is currently located.

  • The Bowling Alley will close in Summer 2016 and reopen in 2018.

  • The Youth Zone, Administrative offices, and community offices will be temporarily located at Basement 1.


4. What are the different phases of the redevelopment?

The redevelopment will happen in three phases: 

Phase 1 was initially planned to be temporary facilities, but now includes temporary and permanent facilities, due to the decision driven by Member feedback and endorsed by the PCG and GC to make the Business Center and Library facilities permanent on level 3 instead of temporary.

Phase 2 is the demolition, redesign, and construction of the Scotts Road Building.

Phase 3 will impact the Claymore building (if deemed necessary and within framework of budget and scope).


5. What is the Design Review Committee?

The Design Review Comittee (DRC) will review plans submitted by the architect to ensure that they adhere to all safety and compliance regulations, meet our Team's operational needs, and have a consistent look and feel to the rest of The Club. Once the DRC deems the plans are consistent with the master plan, they will provide their recommendation to PCG for endorsement and approval, which will then be sent to GC for final approval.


6. Will the majority or all of management/administrative functions be moved to nearby buildings as part of the redevelopment?

We’ve completed an audit of staff functions to determine what can efficiently go off-site as well as explored multiple “B” class office locations for possible relocation. The audit demonstrated that moving offsite, even temporarily, will cost twice as much as making some adjustments to keep staff on site.  In addition, discussions with other clubs that moved key management offsite during redevelopment recommended against the practice and paid a price for doing it. The plan, which has been vetted by the architects, PCG and GC is to keep key management offices on site, minimizing them as much as possible, while moving others to temporary facilities (Including: Youth, AAS, AWA and Admin Staff) in B1. Given the level of review, diligence and analysis regarding this matter we feel the plan will both reduce overall project costs while protecting The Club's ability to provide positive membership experiences by keeping management close at hand to address issues as they arise.


7. What will become of the community offices that lease space from The Club during and after the redevelopment?

The current community offices leasing space within the Scotts Road building are: The American Association of Singapore (AAS), American Women's Association (AWA) and SACAC. The AAS and AWA will be relocated to Basement 1 temporary spaces when the Scotts Road building has been demolished. The Singapore American Community Action Council (SACAC) has been asked to find an alternative premise by the time of demolition in the middle of the year. A space will also not be provided for them in the new facility and this was part of the overall review of space utilization and club partnerships.


8. How many carpark lots will be impacted by the redevelopment?

There are about 150 car lots in The Club. Of those, approximately 20 are used each day for staff who park on B2. The plan is to shift the staff parking off-site to maximize Member car space. If we lose approximately 40 lots on B1 (for temporary facilities), and we reclaim the 20 from staff, we have only lost 20 carpark lots.


9. Will there be off-site membership parking during the redevelopment?

There are no plans to move or provide membership parking off site.


Updated as at September 23, 2015




1. What actions have been taken to date since the Extraordinary General Meeting (EOGM) in June 2015?


If you’re new to The American Club here is a brief update of where we are in relation to the Redevelopment Project to date:


  • The General Committee (GC) conducted a series of Master Planning and Feasibility studies to determine the course of action/s for a club very much in need of renovation and repair.

  • The GC and Finance Committee (FC) considered a series of options, including a recommendation to knock down the Scott’s Road building and Pool, as well as repurpose the Claymore and Sports Buildings.

  • The membership voted at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EOGM) on June 3, 2015 to accept the proposal but to spend no more than $S65 million on the project.

  • Over the summer, the GC created a Project Control Group (PCG) to be the “single point of accountability” for the project, with oversight of the Tender Sub-committee (TSC), other Advisory Committees, as well as the various consultants. The PCG is an ad hoc Standing Committee and reports monthly to the GC.

  • In the last two months (Jul/Aug), the TSC conducted an extensive process to review a variety of proposals, and subsequently evaluate, eliminate and negotiate with regards to the appointment of the Quality Surveyor (QS), Project Manager (PM) and Architect/Designer. The PCG then made its recommendations to the GC.

  • The GC reviewed and debated the recommendations and endorsed the final recommendation on September 7, 2015.

  • The GC started the project on October 1, 2015, following the execution of required contracts with the Architect, PM and QS.

  • Focus groups started in early November 2015 to start a dialogue with Members about "space and place" of services within The Club.


2. What was the process for Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager selection?

The Tender Process started with a consolidated list of 8 Project Managers (PM) and 8 Quantity Surveyors (QS). The Tender Sub-committee (TSC) agreed on sending the invitation to participate in RFPs for the shortlisted PM and QS firms, and to run a pre-qualification exercise for 10 shortlisted Lead Design Consultants. 6 firms accepted the invitations for the PM and QS RFPs. The subsequent pre-qualification exercise also garnered 6 complete responses.

There was a further reduction of the list to 4 PM and 3 QS firms using the Price Quality Matrix (PQM) scoring model recommended by the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore. The PQM that the TSC agreed to and used to select the PM/QS focused on critical points of success and engaging consultants who have:


  1. Worked in confined spaces with ongoing operations;

  2. Dealt successfully with complex shareholder groups;

  3. Have appropriate Health and Safety (including Noise Management) competencies.

The TSC then interviewed and scored the shortlisted firms. This reduced the list to a preferred candidate and a backup. Unsuccessful firms were advised and dismissed.

The preferred PM and QS candidates are both new to the Club; i.e. they did not assist the Club in earlier phases of the project. Contracts are currently under negotiations.


3. What was the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for selection of Consulting and Design?

In the last 2 phases of the Redevelopment Project, the General Committee (GC) utilized a competitive RFP process which (both times) resulted in awards to Aedas. Aedas has strong skills in the development of Master Planning and Feasibility studies and can leverage its Interior Design and Architectural expertise and its local and international connections. After considering the advice of the Tender Sub-committee (TSC) and the experts on the Project Control Group (PCG), the GC decided to award Aedas the opportunity to develop a number of solutions for the next phase of the project. Aedas has responded by presenting a compelling proposal that the GC unanimously adopted after discussions in August. This has set the stage to begin the process for developing the actual design of the new facility by holding Member focus groups, conducting Member surveys and discussions with Club Management.


4. How do we work with the PM? What governance structures are in place when dealing with PMs and other contractors?

The PCG will be the "single point of accountability" for the PM, QS and Architect/Interior Designer. The PCG will meet weekly throughout the project and will update the GC monthly on project status and financials. The PCG will also provide regular information on the status of the redevelopment to the Communications Committee to be disseminated to the membership.


5. Can you elaborate on the PCG and its makeup and how it was created? Why is there Member crossover between groups?

Dennis Lock has agreed to serve as the Chair of the PCG. There is some cross membership of PCG and TSC but PCG Members are a minority within the TSC. We believe this is important to maintain consistency and good information flow. This is also a logical outcome of the fact that the TSC started first and The GC has discussed, and approved, the composition of both the PCG and TSC.


6. What experience exists within The Club regarding this type of project? How will financial, legal and facilities tasks be managed and by whom?

Tang Teck Wah is The Club’s Senior Director of Facilities and Security. He will be the management representative assisting the PCG and consultants on this journey. Tang has been with The Club for almost 8 years and his broad experience covers Project Management from concept to final delivery. Before coming to The Club he spent 8 years at one of the private International Schools managing its operations and also overseeing its extensive construction program. His profile can be found with the other Senior Managers on the Club’s Website here.


Additional work resulting from the delivery of the project will be handled in the following ways:


  • Legal - Rajah and Tann will handle all contract work required and this will be debited to the project.

  • Finance - The QS will manage the cost plan. The PM will track and report actual spend vs. planned. Club management will process invoices from the limited number of entities engaged directly but, ideally, will focus on day-to-day management of Club operations, NOT redevelopment. The Club will engage designers via the Architect/Interior Design Firm. Temporary works, demolition, piling and construction contracts will be independent of one another. This should provide better pricing and reduce the administrative overheads to The Club.

  • Facilities - The construction site will be managed by the PM and contractors. They may require about 50% of the time of the Club’s Senior Facilities and Security Director.

  • Project Documentation - The PM, QS and Architect/Interior Designer will prepare and manage all required project documentation including reports to the PCG and thence GC. The TSC will validate RFPs and their evaluation.


7. What is The Club and PCG doing to protect the financial viability of The Club? Who will monitor whether The Club is on track and on time vis-à-vis the plan? How does The Club plan to communicate this to Members?


The QS will revalidate the cost plan on several occasions:


  • Upon appointment, the QS will revalidate the cost plan based on the conceptual design approved by Members during the EOGM.

  • As we progress, the Architect will engage stakeholders through Focus Groups to refine the design as the QS tests it against the Cost Plan to ensure that the design is within budget.

  • The Cost Plan will be regularly updated as Request for Proposals(RFP) for temporary accommodation, demolition, piling and construction, etc. are prepared and awarded.

  • The Master Schedule will reflect the following milestones with respect to the potential $10M deferrable part of the project:

    •   Initial view of potential deferred works when QS updates the Cost Plan at project start

    •   Options identified once design is confirmed

    •   Deferrable work validated through Construction RFP

    •   Decision to proceed with potential deferrable works


  • The Master Schedule will reflect a series of project stages with agreed “stage gates” which will be explicitly signed by either the PCG or GC.

  • Tenders for temporary facilities, demolition, piling and construction will be let as per the Master Schedule, which will be available to Members on the website.


8. How much influence does membership have on the look and feel of changes?

Membership will be given many opportunities to provide input on the look and feel of your new Club. Focus groups are currently being held and Members are strongly encouraged to get involved.



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Updated as at May 31, 2015




Why is the redevelopment being explored, and what are the key objectives?

The Strategic Planning Committee’s (SPC) mandate is to plan for the needs and requirements of current and future Members. It has been over 25 years since any major redevelopment has taken place. It is becoming more and more apparent that even though our buildings remain structurally sound, the mechanical systems, design compliance to current building codes, repair and maintenance issues and large inefficiencies areissues that both staff and Members battle daily. This is why the SPC believes something should be done as we cannot keep delaying the inevitable.


After considering several alternatives, and knowing very clearly that Members wish to stay on our current site, the SPC has decided that the demolition of the Scotts Road building and elevation of the pool to provide a large, new section of the Clubhouse is the most efficient and effective way to address many key Member and staffing needs with the least amount of disruption during the construction period.


We are not planning to increase membership levels, i.e. the number of Members. This is simply to have a Clubhouse that better meets the demands and needs of our current and future membership.


Who are the decision makers and what professionals have been helping The Club to get to this point?

This process has been deliberated and managed by the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC). The composition of the Committee, as specified by The Club’s bylaws, comprises of various Committee Chairs, several long-serving Members, and is overseen by Mr Scott Weber, our Club President. Of course, the General Committee (GC) has been kept apprised and is fully supportive of the SPC’s direction. It is important to remember that the GC cannot decide to make large-scale changes on its own. Any project over $1M will need the consent of the eligible Members. In these situations, the role of the GC is to recommend action.


After completion of a ‘Request for a Proposal’ (RFP) process, The Club appointed Aedas Interiors Pte Ltd (and their team of consultants) to oversee the Master Planning component of this phase of work, and Realys to assist Management with the oversight and delivery of this phase of work.


What is the anticipated cost of the redevelopment project?

The redevelopment project cost (replacement of the Scotts Road building and pool, upgrading of the Claymore Hill building and Sports Complex) is $65M. We believe that the redevelopment project will have an adverse impact on new memberships sold during construction which could, in turn, impact entrance fee income and dues income. Additionally, spending by Members may be reduced across all outlets during redevelopment, assuming that new and existing Members use The Club less during construction. We estimate operating losses ranging from $19M to $44M based on the modeling of various conservative scenarios for membership levels and project completion timelines, with the best case scenario reflecting an operating loss of $29M. To further protect The Club’s financial well-being, the Finance Committee (FC) has factored these contingencies into their recommendation: The Club will put in place a financing facility of about $15M before the start of the project and this will be kept in place till the end of the project and can be used if needed. Additionally, The Club will also maintain at least $20M in the form of cash and investment securities, as reserves, to assure continued liquidity throughout the project. Once again, the FC endorsed the proposal and believes that the project can be supported by The Club’s finances. For a more detailed summary of assumptions and outcomes of the financial modeling as undertaken by the FC, Investment Sub-Committee, Ernst & Young and Management, please click here.


What options were considered and why did SPC/GC decide on the $65 million alternative?
Before SPC/GC decided on the final option of a redevelopment program that comprises the demolition and re-build of the Scotts Road Building and pool, and the upgrade of the Claymore and Sports Buildings costing, $65 million, other options were considered:

1. Demolish all existing buildings on the site and build a completely new Club: This was deemed unfeasible for reasons related to:

High Cost: The estimated construction cost of $100M exceeds available reserves, and would therefore require long-term funding to finance the construction costs;

Temporary Relocation: The existing Club would be closed for approx. 3 years, during which period the Club would need to relocate to temporary facilities, implying further costs, and the associated impact on all staff and membership.

2. A phased approached of option 1. This option would involve the sequential demolition and rebuild of each of the Scotts Road, Claymore Hill and Sports buildings. The cost of this option exceeds option a), and greatly extends the project timeframes. Whilst retaining the Club operations and staff, this option is considered cost-prohibitive and too long in duration.

3a. Do nothing at all. An assessment of the mechanical system in The Club showed that ~$18M worth of significant plant and engineering equipment would need to be replaced anyway over the next 5 years.

3b. Maintain the current process of annual program of upgrades and shifting of outlets for Club zoning improvements, costing ~$32M.This option fails to address physical inefficiencies of the existing structures, and would not deliver real value for investment.

3c. Demolish Scotts Road Building & swimming pool and rebuild at a cost of $65M.
The SPC/GC endorsed the final $65 million option as it delivered on the project objectives with minimum Member and staff disruption, including: staying at our current location and addressing the facilities’ long-term maintenance needs; increasing the size of and improving the Member facilities based on a review of 10 years of annual surveys; complying with today’s building standards and regulations; the adoption of green technologies; and the (vast) improvement of operational efficiencies.


Will the project be phased?

Yes; the entire redevelopment will be rolled out over four distinct phases:


  1. The relocation of most facilities and services that are currently in the Scotts Road building into either the Sports or the Claymore Buildings.

  2. The demolition and reconstruction of the Scotts Road building and pool.

  3. The relocation of services into the new Scotts Road Building and Go-Live of the new facilities.

  4. The renovation of existing Claymore Hill and Sports Buildings.

  5. In the first phase, what facilities from the Scotts Road building will be relocated to another part of The Club?

  6. We are currently working through the plan, but the current thinking is:

  7. Shifting the Business Center and Community Offices to a new purpose-built space in the upper car park;

  8. Moving the Admin Team offsite or into temporary facilities in the B1 car park;

  9. Relocating the Jackpot Room next to the staff facilities in the B1 car park;

  10. Shifting HOME and Essentials to the repurposed Al Fresco space next to the Eagle’s Nest;

  11. Moving the Youth Zone, the Zone Poolside, Youth Studio and Library into the Colonial Room;

  12. Relocating the staff café, restroom and facilities storage area into the B1 Carpark.

These are without conclusion, but provide some thoughts into what is being explored. All other services including the Spa, Gym, Squash and Tennis Courts, Pilates, Union Bar, Thyme Café and The 2nd Floor will continue as normal. At this point only the Teens Room as well as the bowling alley will not be allocated temporary space. Members can expect that the temporary, relocated services will offer facilities and a service orientation as good as, if not better, than our current operations.


In the second phase, what can we expect to be different about the new facility?
When considering the plan, the consultants reviewed the Member survey results from the last ten years and interviewed senior staff to work out the ‘wish list’ of improved and new facilities. This also included extensive improvements for staff and back-of-house needs to more efficiently run the operation. The following enhancements are currently being explored:



  • A lap pool and a children’s lesson pool;

  • An expansion in pool deck space by approximately 60%;

  • A clear demarcation or zoning between adult and children spaces via locating services on different levels;

  • More opportunities for Member-to-Member connection, as witnessed daily in our Linkway, via open well-lit spaces;

  • A larger and more elegant Banquet facility;

  • A gym with natural lighting and great views over Scotts Road; larger and better equipment and improved changing room facilities;

  • A covered outdoor kids play area;

  • Enhanced  arts & crafts facilities and indoor kids play area;

  • A larger and better located Spa (currently the Spa is next to the Squash Courts);

  • Two larger and faster Member lifts accessing all floors (and two service lifts for staff);

  • Significantly enhanced internal efficiencies (there are too many to describe here);

  • A new central production kitchen with better delivery and receiving facilities;

  • New staff facilities that improve conditions for over 400 full and part time staff;

  • A Club that has improved disabled and pram access;

  • A Club that leverages on the latest green technologies….and the list goes on.

What kinds of improvements can we expect regarding the facilities that will not be replaced?
Again, this is all in the works.  However once the new section of the Clubhouse opens, the plan calls for making various improvements to the Sports and Claymore Buildings. Possibilities include the following:



  •  A larger lobby area with enhanced security;

  • Consolidating Essentials and HOME to a central location of The Club;

  • A larger Business Center with more rooms for meetings and private phone calls, with  close adjacencies to other adult services;

  • A larger Union Bar, with outside area and with direct food access from the Kitchen;

  • A new, elegant semi-fine dining restaurant;

  • Creation of additional car park spots;

  • Redevelopment of the Eagle’s Nest to provide more seating capacity and additional outdoor seating;

  • Refinement of the Eagle’s Nest kitchen into a ‘finishing’ facility given the efficiencies of the new central production kitchen;

  • Better access for the tennis players to toilets and other facilities.


What about the pool? What are the plans to secure alternative arrangements?

Management is already working on alternatives. At the end of the day, multiple options for pool usage will be created allowing for the continuation of group/private lessons, lap swimming and social play. Additionally, the Consultants are acutely aware of the importance of this feature and would explore opening the pools (there will be three in the new design!) before other parts of the new building are available.


Will there be dedicated adult and family/kids spaces?

Absolutely! On the proposed plans, the adults and kids areas are separated by levels, with The Zone, bowling alley, new kids play area (modular climbing equipment), Kids Library etc. all in close proximity. The adult spaces such as Thyme Café, Union Bar, Business Center, Meeting Rooms etc. are all on the next level and feature ease of access to one another.


What will happen to the staff of affected areas?

As mentioned above, most services will be relocated to other parts of the facility. This means that staff activities will be shifted to other parts of The Club. Ultimately our goal is to not lose any of the team during this renovation period and to keep them fully employed. There have been many presentations to the team to ensure they are well informed about the process and to assure them of job security.


Will the new Scotts Road building and upgraded Claymore Hill and Sports Buildings leverage on new technologies?

The brief to the master planners directs them to achieve a ‘Green Mark’ standard in efficiencies in the new building. The Green Mark is a benchmarking scheme which incorporates internationally recognized best practices in environmental design and performance. Benefits of BCA Green Mark include: 1. Facilitate reduction in water and energy bills, 2. Reduce potential environmental impact, 3. Improve indoor environmental quality for a healthy and productive workplace, and 4. Provide clear direction for continual improvement. On top of this, Information Technology standards will be heightened to improve Member experience as well.


If the project gets approved, when will the start date be for the construction? 

Probably sometime in 2016. Please keep in mind that if the approval is received from eligible Members, the next phase of the project will be considerable in terms of the tender processes, internal committee work on the design details, and government approvals, to name a few.


Do I as a Member need to make additional contributions to cover project costs?



Will membership fees or monthly subscriptions be reduced before or during this period of construction?

This is under consideration.


Who can I email if I have any questions?

Please feel free to email Kristen at or Devin at

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